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Emma has felt overwhelmed by negative thoughts, lately. She can’t seem to shake the worst case scenarios that pop into her head throughout the day. For example: Emma was invited to dinner with her coworkers tomorrow night. Initially, she was excited! But immediately following her excitement was dread. “What if I say something dumb?” “What if I spill something?” “What if I make a complete fool of myself?” Her anxiety takes over—she circles back with her coworkers and tells them, “Sorry, I can’t make it.”

Anxiety, and other mental health conditions, can completely rule our lives. They can make day to day activities difficult (not to mention unenjoyable) and leave us feeling hopeless. Fortunately, there is hope in the form of mental health help. Psychologists are trained to help people in a wide variety of circumstances—circumstances we’d rather not be in. Whatever these circumstances might be, say a mental illness or a troubled relationship, psychologists are able to help.

It’s time to tell everyone who is dealing with a mental health issue, that they’re not alone, and that getting support isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. –Michelle Obama

If you’re in a difficult or even a less-than-ideal situation, consider working with a psychologist at Thriveworks Tampa, FL. These professionals have a wide range of mental health skills, training, and experience, all of which enable them to help their diverse clientele. Don’t worry about having a problem too big or too small to find the right kind of help. Our psychologists have seen it all. And they’re ready to help you tackle yours today!

Can a Psychologist at Thriveworks Tampa Counseling Help Me?

The psychologists at Thriveworks Tampa Counseling help their clients in more ways than one. In the bigger picture, they can help their clients to find greater happiness, health, and/or success in life. To be more specific, though, they can help their clients to manage a mental health condition, cope with stress, improve their relationships, and more. Here is a more comprehensive list:

  • Depression, anxiety help
  • Help with other mental illnesses
  • Anger and stress management
  • Breakups
  • Relationship issues
  • Pain management
  • Death and grief
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Major life changes/transitions

As you can probably tell from the list above, the psychologists at Thriveworks Tampa Counseling are fully prepared and equipped to help people address a wide range of mental health challenges and other life issues. They will assist, guide, and support you throughout your journey.

What Techniques Do the Psychologists at Thriveworks Tampa Counseling Utilize?

Our psychologists incorporate a variety of research-backed therapeutic techniques that prove valuable to mental health treatment. Now, often, they use therapy, which enables them to assist their client with his or her specific challenge. In turn, they can better fulfill their client’s needs. Now if you choose to work with a Thriveworks Tampa Counseling psychologist, they will get to know you before they design your course of treatment. This includes your needs, goals, preferences, spiritual inclinations, and so on.

Sometimes, an individual can find the most value in a combination of treatments, such as therapy and medication. If this proves to be the case for you, your Thriveworks psychologist will work with your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist to provide you with this care. In some states, in fact, psychologists can complete additional training, which enables them to prescribe their clients with medication for mental illnesses like anxiety.

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Say it with us: There is no shame in asking for help. If you are struggling to manage a mental health problem or another life issue, please consider reaching out to Thriveworks Tampa Counseling. We have psychologists, as well as counselors, therapists, and life coaches who are eager to help. Remember: No problem is too big or too small. Our providers will do everything they can to guide and support you through this tough time in your life.

To schedule your appointment, simply give Thriveworks Tampa Counseling a call. You can set up your first session right then and there with a member of our scheduling team. You can also ask them any questions you might have about Thriveworks! Either way, we’re happy to hear from you and we hope to meet with you soon.

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