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Marriage problems aren’t uncommon. All couples experience them, whether they have been together for months, years or decades. But common or not, conflict isn’t easy to resolve, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When it’s a struggle to move past disagreements or differences in your marriage, Tampa FL couples counseling can help. It may be hard to accept that you’ve reached a point where counseling is a consideration, but it can help ensure the future happiness of both you and your spouse.

Rolling with the Highs and the Lows

Every relationship experiences highs and lows as time goes by. Some moments will be just like the day you met, and you’ll remember exactly why you and your partner are a perfect match; other days may feel like you’re living two separate lives with nothing tying you together anymore.

Do you feel like you’re experiencing more lows than highs lately? It’s not unusual to feel as though bad times are sneaking up on you, and good days are less frequent than they once were, especially in a previously happy relationship.

Whether you’ve become frustrated with certain things over time, or a specific issue needs to be addressed, Tampa FL marital therapists can offer the support and guidance you need to bring happiness back to the forefront of your relationship.

Multiple Marriage Issues

Our therapists can offer sensitive and practical help with many common marriage issues such as:

  • Concerns over infidelity
  • Anger management, towards both spouse and children
  • Ineffective communication
  • Disagreements about how to raise your children
  • Finance and budget worries.

And if you’re wondering whether counseling is really going to be useful, consider this: a recent survey by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reported that 97% of couples successfully received the help they needed from a trained counselor. 93% of those couples also said that after therapy they felt they were more equipped to deal with any future issues that may arise.

Are you and your spouse dealing with more unique or unusual challenges to your marriage? Tampa FL couples counseling can still offer you the non-judgmental, sensitive and insightful support you need. Perhaps your spouse’s obsession over a hobby leaves you frustrated, or they have an unusual habit you’re struggling to cope with. It could even be that an addiction is driving you apart. Whatever you’re dealing with, the professionals at Tampa FL can apply their expertise to help get to the heart of the problem.

Why Tampa FL Marriage Therapy?

If you’re still unsure that couples counseling can help with your relationship, here are a few specific benefits of investing in marriage therapy:

  • Professional counselors have the expertise to help you move ahead when you’re feeling stuck
  • When a couple knows what is wrong but not how to fix it, a professional counselor could help them forge a path towards resolution
  • Participating in counseling can help give your marriage a second chance
  • You and your spouse may develop better communication and problem solving skills
  • You can gain a far deeper understanding of your spouse and their motivations.

Pursuing a Non-Contentious Divorce

As unfortunate as it may seem, sometimes the only way forward is to end a relationship. Despite their sincere and wholehearted participation in therapy, spouses may come to realize that divorce is the healthiest choice they can make.

One often-quoted statistic is that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce; however, that number hasn’t actually changed in the last 30 or more years. What has changed is the stigma surrounding divorce. Many more people now accept that divorce is an unfortunate part of life, and doesn’t necessarily involve a “bad guy.”

It may seem that marriages these days are less successful than they were in the past, but in reality more couples are likely to admit when they’re struggling and seek help to find a resolution. Also, more people are willing to admit that moving on can be the best for all parties involved, rather than staying together to keep up appearances.

If you’ve already made the decision to separate with your partner, you may want to try Tampa FL couples counseling to resolve your issues and head forwards in the most positive way possible. This is ideal both for your sake and that of your children. Many people who choose not to be together any longer can still have respect for one another.

Nobody gets married expecting an eventual divorce, but if that is the path you find yourself on, working through your issues in a safe and supportive environment can make your separation easier.

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