Trauma Therapy and PTSD Counseling in Tampa, FL—Trauma Therapists, PTSD Counselors

Trauma Therapy and PTSD Counseling in Tampa, FL—Trauma Therapists, PTSD Counselors

Justin wakes up every few hours, every single night. And he has been for the last year. He falls asleep rather quickly, but he can’t manage to stay asleep through the night. The whirring of the cars outside, the running of the A/C, the spinning of the fan above. Every little noise sounds amplified. This hyperawareness barely improves throughout the day—Justin is constantly on edge, ever since his traumatic experience.

Trauma can have many negative effects on an individual (like Justin) for months to years. The individual might begin to experience hypervigilance, sleep trouble, anxiety, loss of appetite, and more. Fortunately, victims of trauma are not powerless in their struggle with their traumatic past. While they cannot change their past, they can control how they move forward. If you have witnessed a traumatic event, consider choosing to work with a trauma therapist or PTSD counselor. This is one choice you can make to heal from your traumatic past and set yourself up for a happier, healthier future.

It doesn’t matter how tough we are. Trauma always leaves a scar.

It follows us home, it changes our lives.

–Alex Karev

Trauma therapy and PTSD counseling at Thriveworks Tampa is here to help. You can set up an appointment with a trauma therapist or PTSD counselor now and meet with them as soon as today or tomorrow. These professionals understand trauma, including how it can linger and affect an individual for the rest of their life… if they don’t seek the proper help. They also know how to assist their clients in confronting the traumatic experience they’ve been through, making peace with it, and moving forward. To schedule your own trauma therapy appointment, just give our office a call at (813) 473-4663.

What Is Trauma? What Does Trauma Feel Like?

Traumatic events are disturbing and/or distressing events; examples include violence, emotional or mental abuse, the loss of a loved one, bullying, combat, natural disasters, and car accidents. Often, they have both psychological and physical impacts on an individual.

The Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders delves into the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which one might develop after experiencing a traumatic event. These symptoms include:

  • Troubling memories of the traumatic event
  • Distressing flashbacks
  • Difficulty staying or even falling asleep
  • Decreased interest in one’s day to day
  • Detachment from an individual’s relationships
  • Lack of fulfillment, happiness, and/or success
  • Reckless or rebellious behavior
  • Psychological distress resulting from triggers

Are these symptoms prevalent in your life? Have you developed any of the above post-trauma? Please consider contacting Thriveworks Tampa Counseling. It’s important you speak with a professional about what you have experienced and what you are going through currently, so that they can help you manage your symptoms of PTSD and confront your traumatic past.

Does Trauma Therapy Work? How?

Trauma therapy differs from person to person, because the therapist plans their approach to treatment around the individual. They will first work to understand what the individual has experienced, what symptoms they are exhibiting, as well as any goals they might have for themselves in treatment. Then, they will come up with the best plan for therapy. That said, trauma therapy can help a person to:

  1. Confront and make peace with their traumatic past
  2. Reduce or better manage PTSD symptoms
  3. Rebuild any lost confidence
  4. Move forward with revitalized strength, happiness, and determination

Remember: your experience in therapy will be uniquely designed for you, based on your needs and goals. If you are a victim of trauma, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Tampa Counseling. Our trauma therapists can help you heal from your trauma and live a happy, successful life again.

Schedule Trauma Therapy at Thriveworks Tampa Counseling

Any individual who has experienced a traumatic event can find benefit in trauma therapy. If you have fallen victim to trauma and are suffering today, please consider contacting Thriveworks Tampa Counseling. We have trauma therapists and PTSD counselors who are ready to assist, guide, and support.

To schedule your session, you can call our Tampa office at (813) 473-4663. You can also book your session right from our website. Either way, you should know that we have flexible appointment options, including evening and daytime, weekly and weekend sessions. We also have in-person and online counseling opportunities.

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