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Imprisoned. That’s what it can feel like to struggle with an addiction. You want nothing more than to be able to stop using that substance or doing that thing that has a hold on your life, but escaping from its grasp can seem utterly hopeless. Addictions bring with them a wide variety of effects on not only your physical self, but also on your mind. Your fight against addiction inevitably bleeds over into your relationships as well, bringing negative effects into the lives of those in your sphere of influence. And while you may have a strong desire to be free, to stop hurting yourself and those you care about, achieving freedom on your own is a daunting task.

You don’t have to face your addiction alone!

Making the decision to seek help in your struggle with addiction is a difficult choice to make, but choosing to partner with a Thriveworks Roanoke addiction counselor is a choice that you will be proud of! At Thriveworks Roanoke Addiction Counseling, we have a team of counselors and therapists that are highly skilled and experienced in helping people overcome the vices in their lives. Deciding to face your addiction alone is a big gamble, and it’s one not worth the risk. If left unchecked, addictions can devastate your life and even the lives of those around you. A Thriveworks Roanoke Addiction Counselor can help you to determine the root of your addiction, identify triggers, and work with you to develop coping methods that can help you win against addiction throughout your everyday life. We believe wholeheartedly that you are capable of beating your addiction, and with the help of a trained Roanoke Counselor, you’ll find hope for recovery.

At Thriveworks Roanoke Counseling, we put our clients first. We believe that your experience with us should be first class, and we work hard to provide you with value every step of the way. We operate with a no waiting list policy because getting you help quickly is crucial. We also accept most major insurance plans to keep your expenses low.

Each day that passes without seeking help is a lost opportunity for recovery. Please don’t wait, Call Thriveworks Roanoke Addiction Therapy today at 540-788-5090!

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Amazing experience

I would definitely recommend them! Very caring, personable and genuine!
Thriveworks Counseling Roanoke

I was very pleased with our first visit.

I was very pleased with our first visit. My son is not the easiest child to get to open up and Christine was v...Read more

ery good with him and knew how to communicate with him effectively.

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Thriveworks Counseling Roanoke

I was placed VERY WELL

I was placed VERY WELL with a counselor who can help me untangle my spaghetti brain! Thank you for your access...Read more

ibility and welcoming environment.

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