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At the time that you are going through a breakup, it’s very difficult, maybe even impossible, to think that there is anything else you’ll experience in life that can possibly hurt as bad as this. It’s easy to lose hope of ever feeling happy again, and the remaining relationships in your life, even if they are strong, loving ones, probably seem completely pointless to you during this time.

Emotions are incredibly difficult to control; however, you can manage your perspective and the meaning you assign to the events going on in your life. By doing so, you’ll likely be able to look back in the future on your breakup and see that although it was painful, it was necessary, and it was healthy for your life.

Breakups can bring some of the worst pain you may ever experience, there’s no denying that, but they also bring with them an opportunity to grow and move forward. Reframing your now-hurting perspective into one looking for a benefit in these situations much easier said than done, especially when you try to do it on your own. Family and friends can help with some of the surface level pain, and depending on your situation, that may be enough. But it’s entirely possible that the effects of a breakup can permeate very deep into your life and end up affecting not only you, but also those around you. The longer you are in a relationship, the more your life and the life of your partner become intertwined; consequently, the more devastating the separation can be. The adjustments you’ll be facing can be massive, but they can be handled appropriately with the right help. In these cases, partnering with a professional counselor is the best way to heal and to find the positive opportunity in your life resulting from the breakup.

Thriveworks Roanoke Counseling has a team of highly experienced and passionate counselors and therapists that are ready to help you process your emotions and find your path forward. You don’t have to handle these painful breakup situations alone. You’re stronger than you think, and a Thriveworks Roanoke Counselor can help you realize what you’re capable of!

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I was very pleased with our first visit. My son is not the easiest child to get to open up and Christine was v...Read more

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