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You remember your days, weeks, and months leading up to your wedding, right? Nothing could seem better than finally tying the knot, being whisked away to some tropical paradise, and then living “happily ever after”. After all, that’s how thing are supposed to be…aren’t they? But how many days, weeks, or months was it after you came back from the honeymoon when it finally started to sink in? When you started to notice and think, “You know? I’ve never seen a movie or read a fairytale that explained how things went after they said the phrase ‘…and they lived happily ever after’.” I like to believe that the writers intentionally leave this part of their stories. After all, they are people too, most likely with their own marriages and relationships; so it’s very likely that they haven’t quite figured out what happily ever after really looks like. But here’s the thing – Happily Ever After is a real thing, and it’s possible for you.

That’s why Thriveworks exists. At Thriveworks Marriage Counseling Roanoke, our team of expert counselors, therapists, and psychologists are passionate about helping you to navigate the often rocky road to a successful, loving marriage.

In our society today it’s very common to seek premarital counseling, but it is often less obvious that working closely with a marriage counselor, once the knot has been tied, can be a vital part of creating and sustaining the relationship that you and your spouse have envisioned.

Our Thriveworks Roanoke Marriage Counselors and Marriage Therapists believe wholeheartedly that those who participate in marriage therapy should be proud of their decision to improve their marriage relationship. All married couples experienced difficulties in their relationship, but those that are willing to pursue help from a licensed professional significantly improve their chances of learning, and even benefiting, from their marriage hardships.

Thriveworks Roanoke Counseling believes that getting the help you need should be a simple, straightforward process. That’s why we operate with no waiting lists, accept most major insurance plans, and often are able to schedule new clients within 24 hours of the time they reach out to us.

Your marriage is worth fighting for. Please don’t delay. Our marriage counselors and therapists are excited to help you accomplish your goals!

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Amazing experience

I would definitely recommend them! Very caring, personable and genuine!
Thriveworks Counseling Roanoke

I was very pleased with our first visit.

I was very pleased with our first visit. My son is not the easiest child to get to open up and Christine was v...Read more

ery good with him and knew how to communicate with him effectively.

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Thriveworks Counseling Roanoke

I was placed VERY WELL

I was placed VERY WELL with a counselor who can help me untangle my spaghetti brain! Thank you for your access...Read more

ibility and welcoming environment.

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