Online Therapy in Quincy, MA—Work with Therapists and Counselors Online

Online Therapy in Quincy, MA—Work with Therapists and Counselors Online

Are you exploring different therapy counseling options? Are you looking for something that fits easily into your schedule and provides the utmost level of comfort? Online therapy is a great option for you. And the therapists, counselors, and psychologists at Thriveworks Quincy, MA can offer it today. We are proud to offer online counseling, as our clients often find that this is the most convenient, comfortable option in terms of mental health services.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

Scheduling an appointment at Thriveworks Quincy, MA has never been easier. To work with an online therapist at Thriveworks Quincy, MA, just give us a call and we’ll help you figure out the rest. We have quick, convenient scheduling options available. Our scheduling team will simply ask you about what your scheduling preferences and then get you set up with an online counselor as soon as it’s convenient for you. Remember: You can attend online therapy anywhere (as long as you have phone or internet access).

What Is Online Therapy? How Does It Work?

Traditional therapy provides people with the safe space to work through their challenges with a professional. Online therapy provides people with the same opportunity, only it is done online instead of in-person. You don’t have to worry about the online therapists at Thriveworks Quincy, MA not having the right skills or credentials. All of our therapists and counselors are fully licensed and accredited. They also come equipped with a range of skills, tools, and experience that further enables them to help you.

Let’s delve into what options you have when you call to schedule your online therapy counseling appointment. Here are several variations of online therapy:

  1. Phone therapy: If you so choose, you can work with your online therapist over the phone. This process is simple: You just make sure you’re ready at the agreed upon time to answer your therapist’s call. You’ll then have your hour-long session (give or take) over the phone.
  2. Video therapy: You can also choose to work with your online therapist via video chat. This is similar to working with your therapist over the phone, only you’d do so on a video call.
  3. Email/chat therapy: Finally, you have a third option to work with your online therapist via email or chat. This is the more relaxed, flexible option, as you don’t chat with your therapist for a consistent 60 or 90 minutes, but over an extended length of time.

The Benefits of Online Therapy: Convenience, Comfort, and Flexibility

If online therapy is a new concept for you, you might be wondering why online therapy would be the optimal therapy option. While the optimal option varies from person to person, there are a few main benefits in online therapy that clients enjoy, including:

  1. Convenience: There’s nothing like attending therapy from virtually wherever you want or need. Online therapy is the most convenient therapy option for a lot of people, as they don’t have to rush to their therapy on their lunch break or after work. They can hop onto their call, video chat, or email from wherever they prefer.
  2. Comfort: As you can probably imagine after discussing the convenience factor, online therapy is the most comfortable therapy option for many people as well. Why? Because you can attend your counseling sessions from the comfort of your home. A lot of clients also feel more comfortable opening up to their counselor or therapist via a virtual medium instead of face-to-face.
  3. Flexibility: Finally, clients also experience the most flexibility when it comes to scheduling their appointment. Often, they can meet with their therapist immediately and determine a set schedule pretty easily because of the convenience factors discussed above.

If you’re looking for online therapy, look no further. Thriveworks Quincy, MA can offer you online therapy counseling opportunities today.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Quincy, MA

If you’re ready to take this important leap into therapy, reach out to Thriveworks Quincy, MA. We can set you up with your online therapist or online counselor as soon as today or tomorrow. As we touched on above, online therapy might be the right therapy option for you if you’re looking for utmost convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

To schedule your appointment, just give us a call. We’ll be here, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Wideleine is absolutely AMAZING!!!! She selflessly gives of herself for her patients and genuinely listens to the needs of her patients. She provides counseling without judgment and truly loves her job. It is evident in how she works with her patients.
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I am very happy to have worked with Amanda Bright. She always had a smile on and a positive attitude. She was great she with the clientele; she was encouraging and empathetic but also showed much discipline and great work ethic. She is very attentive and would make a great choice as a therapist.
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Working with Amanda

I loved working with Amanda because of her authenticity. She is unapologetically herself and uses her strengths of empathy and relationship building to work with clients. She cares for clients in a way that is both professional and genuine. I believe that Amanda is a great clinician who empowers clients to achieve their own goals.
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