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Addiction is a terrible burden. It wreaks havoc in the lives of those with addiction as well as their closest friends and family members. Addiction means the loss of control as other forces take over. What might start off as an innocent pastime or recreational vice can have serious, deadly effects.

“Change must start from the individual. And the individual must want and feel ready to make such change.” –Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Whether addition comes in the form of alcohol, narcotics, pornography or gambling, it can destroy life as you know it. If you’re affected, or concerned about your current habits, it might be worth consulting with a Thriveworks Counseling in Quincy, MA addiction counselor. We can offer you a next-day appointment, as well as flexible evening and weekend sessions. Just give us a call so that we can get you in to see an addiction counselor as soon as possible. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Do I Have an Addiction? Am I Showing Signs of Addiction?

If you’re asking this question in the first place, chances are you’re engaging in problematic activities. Although many addicts can hide their addictions for years, there are certain common features that indicate a serious dependence problem that these individuals share:

  • Covering up their behavior. Many addicts will try to hide their addiction from others and also from themselves. They’ll lie about what they’ve been doing and where they’ve been
  • Erratic behavior. The nicest, sweetest people in the world can become totally different when in the throes of addiction
  • Tolerance build-up. If you’re finding that the person you know can suddenly drink you under the table (for example), then you might consider that they have a problem.

There are so many factors that can define an addiction problem and these are just three of them. The important thing to remember is that without being treated, addiction is just not going to cure itself. Untreated addiction can have devastating effects on your life, and it only gets worse if it goes unaddressed. If you are in the Quincy area, consider working with a Thriveworks addiction counselor or therapist today.

How Can an Addiction Counselor Help Me?

An addiction counseling service can literally save an individual’s life and help him or her put back together the pieces through extensive treatment and therapy. There are a number of different types of therapy that can help people overcome or manage their addiction; the most effective often being group therapy. Individual one-on-one therapy can complement that, as well as family and/or couples therapy to help with the relationships in the addict’s life.

A Thriveworks addiction counselor, therapist, or psychologist will assess your specific needs and goals for yourself. Then, they will determine the best form of treatment for you. This might involve group therapy, one-on-one therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, or another approach. You can rest assured, though, that our addiction counselors have your best interest at heart and will do everything they can to help you.

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If you are battling addiction of any kind, no matter how small, please know that it can get out of control very fast. The longer you go without addressing this problem, the more devastating the effects. Fortunately, you can find the help and support you need in addiction counseling.

If you are in the Quincy, MA area, consider working with an addiction counselor, therapist, or psychologist at Thriveworks counseling in Quincy, MA. These mental health professionals specialize in helping people manage their addictions, be it to alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn or other activities. They know just how harmful an addiction can be to your overall health, as well as your relationships. And they want to help you get it under control. They can help you in the beginning stages of this process as well as when it comes to staying sober once you do get a hold on your addiction.

The addiction counselors at Thriveworks in Quincy, MA are ready to help you. If you feel ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call. We can get you in for a next-day appointment. Just let us know what day and time works for you.

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