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Have you ever looked at your life and felt hopeless? Hopelessness can come with depression; it can overwhelm you after you’ve been let go from a job; it can take over after losing a loved one; it can lead you to break off a relationship with a loved one; and it can make living a happy, healthy life feel impossible. Fortunately—yes, there is good news—there is always hope to be found. Even if it takes working with a therapist to discover it.

There is no standard normal. Normal is subjective.

There are seven billion versions of normal on this planet.”

–Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive

If you feel hopeless and you’re struggling to get out of a rut, consider working with an online counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Philadelphia, PA. Feelings of hopelessness can make reaching out for help more difficult, but we’re here to remind you just how crucial it is. Remember: Healing is possible. And the professionals at Thriveworks Philadelphia want to help you get there. Online counseling will enable you to work with your therapist in the easiest way possible: from the comfort of home. To schedule your first appointment, just give us a call or book online. We’re here to help when you’re ready.

What Is Online Therapy? How Does Online Therapy Work?

Online therapy allows you to work with a therapist or counselor without going out of your way. It removes unfortunate external factors from the therapy equation, including commute times, traffic, and rescheduling due to sickness. If you’re interested in online therapy and decide to give it a try, you’ll have a few options to choose from: You can choose to attend your session by phone or video. If you choose to work with your counselor over the phone, your provider will simply call you at the agreed upon appointment time. Easy, right? And if you choose to work with your counselor or coach via video chat, you’ll be sent a link which you’ll visit at the time of your appointment.

In certain instances, you can choose to correspond with your therapist through email or text messages. This approach to therapy is the most casual, as you won’t be working with your counselor in real-time but in a time delayed format. Now, this could be the right approach for you if you’re looking for the greatest flexibility! On the same note, it’s important to remember that online counseling is not right for everybody. However, decades of research show that it can prove effective for many people facing various life issues.

Online Therapy Benefits: Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

We just touched on this, but to reiterate: Online counseling is not the right option for everyone, and that’s okay! However, it does prove effective for many people and might be worth exploring. Whether it’s telephone counseling or video chat therapy, online counseling is often the most helpful to people who…

  • Are struggling to find a qualified mental health professional nearby
  • Fear working with a counselor or therapist in person
  • Would rather work with their therapist from home
  • Need quicker, flexible scheduling options

If the above resonate with you, then online therapy might be a good fit for you. If you’re looking for counseling services in Philadelphia, PA, reach out to Thriveworks Philadelphia. We can set you up with an online counselor right away. We are also here if you want to talk in greater depth about what kind of therapy is right for you.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Philadelphia, PA

We all encounter obstacles that negatively impact our health and wellbeing throughout the course of our lives. For example, we might struggle to manage the symptoms of a mental illness, suffer as the result of a breakup, or fail to cope well with stress. In any case, a counselor or therapist can help us to confront and control the problem—but sometimes additional obstacles get in our way of receiving the mental health care we need.

Fortunately, online counseling is the solution to many of the problems we encounter in receiving mental health services. If you’re looking for greater convenience, comfort, and flexibility in counseling, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Philadelphia, PA. We can get you scheduled right away, just give us a call when you’re ready.

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