Taking Care of Your Mental Wellness During Coronavirus in Franklin, MA (Norfolk County)

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Taking Care of Your Mental Wellness During Coronavirus in Franklin, MA (Norfolk County)

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt normal life, you may be feeling overwhelmed. What we all were hopeful would only be a few weeks of quarantine has turned into a complete shift of our day-to-day routine. As our leaders start to implement small steps to lift restrictions while keeping us safe, the anxiety of the unknown can escalate.

Thriveworks Franklin will continue to be by your side and face each new challenge as it comes. We don’t know the future, but we do know one key thing:

You are not alone, and together, we will get through this.

That statement is built on years of experience seeing clients who are facing what they think will be the one challenge they can never overcome. It’s happened in our lives, too. Yet every time, we overcome. The coronavirus presents new, unique challenges to our Franklin community. Together, they are challenges we can overcome. To ask questions or schedule an online therapy session today, call (617) 360-7210.

How to keep yourself mentally healthy during the coronavirus

Maybe you’ve already binge-watched your favorite TV shows, read all your books, and cleaned every nook and cranny. Now what?

Anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults is common during the coronavirus. The unknown factored with the disruption of normal life and isolation is a breeding ground for looping thoughts, loneliness, overwhelm, restlessness, and coronavirus fear. If you are concerned you or a loved one is experiencing anxiety, call one of our licensed Franklin therapists or read one of our articles that take an in-depth look at adult and teen anxiety.

Thriveworks Franklin is here for you. We offer online counseling through either telephone counseling or video counseling. If the coronavirus is making you feel overwhelmed, you don’t have to stay in that anxious state. There are healthy coping mechanisms we can use to stay mentally healthy during the coronavirus. Here are some ways our Norfolk County therapists suggest:

  • Limit your news-watching time: As safety protocols are changing again, we understand the importance of staying up to date of the latest recommendations and restrictions. Thriveworks Franklin recommends three, 10-minute sessions from a reputable news source. Schedule the times, and outside of those times, don’t peek! The news is important, but it also plays a big role in aggravating coronavirus fear.
  • Stay active: What if every hour, you did 2-5 minutes of light workouts? It could be squats, going for a walk, or whatever else you want! The key is to make your activity goal Anxiety can make it harder for your body to recover from a hard workout, so keep it easier.
  • Try something new: Most of us are craving normality again. This is a normal reaction to feeling overwhelmed. While it’s important to find things that comfort you, it’s also important to keep our brains active and learning. Research tells us that people who engage in stimulating brain activities, like a puzzle, reading a book, or doing something new, are mentally and physically healthy. Align activities with your passions. Staying safe at home doesn’t have to be boring!
  • Find a routine that works: While keeping your brain flexible is important to mental wellness, so is having a routine. For some, having a routine is paramount for feeling safe. Just because your routine is different now doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Wake up at the same time on the weekdays, make your coffee, and sit down to do some work. Be gentle with yourself, times are overwhelming, and you may not be as productive as you used to be. That’s okay!
  • Reach out! When in doubt, reach out. Reach out to friends, family, acquaintances, and a counselor. Thriveworks Franklin is serving Hockomock through comprehensive online therapy.

Social distancing can lead to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Get ahead of the matter by engaging in self-care and talking to a counselor.

How Thriveworks Franklin Can Help You During the Coronavirus

There comes a point when all the home remedies can’t get you out of a funk. That’s okay! This happens to everyone at different points. When it comes down to it, the truth is simple:

You deserve to be happy and feel safe. If you don’t, a counselor can help.

Thriveworks Franklin in Norfolk county has many licensed, professional counselors with experience in all kinds of scenarios. There is not a concern too big or too small for our therapists. When it comes to the coronavirus, there are many things we might talk about in a video therapy or telephone counseling session.

  • Adult Anxiety: It happens to all of us and is nothing to be ashamed of! You have a lot on your plate right now and talking to someone can help relieve some of that pressure.
  • Teen Anxiety: We have online therapists who are specialized in therapy for teenagers. Teenagers process and feel in different ways than adults and deserve a specialized teen online therapist.
  • Coping with Isolation: It’s getting to the point where social distancing and isolation feel normal. Sometimes this can mean we are getting comfortable living with dangerous levels of anxiety and depression. If you are feeling in a funk, it’s always better to get ahead of an issue by talking to an online therapist.
  • Coronavirus Fear: We all have different fears around the coronavirus and different ways to deal with them. Learn how to regain control over your coronavirus fear by talking to a Thriveworks Franklin remote counselor. We understand! It’s a scary world out there right now, but you don’t have to be ruled by fear.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is an incredibly useful tool used by therapists to uncover negative thoughts and replace them with positive, true thoughts. CBT can be used to treat anxiety, depression, loneliness, low self-worth, trauma, eating disorders, and virtually anything else. Our counselors combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with other expert counseling methods to create a therapy process that is unique and designed to fit you.

To stay safe, we stay inside. To stay physically healthy, we can stay active and eat healthy foods. To stay mentally healthy, we need to apply the same energy as we do to staying safe and physically healthy. Thriveworks Franklin is open today to answer any of your questions or to schedule an appointment today. Call us at (617) 360-7210 or schedule online.

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