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It happens to all of us. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic on your way to your 9-5 job, or taking the dogs for a walk, or doing dishes. Wherever you are, you’re overcome by this desire to do more. And the realization that you could do more, if only you start taking the steps towards that dream that won’t stop whispering to you.

Thriveworks Franklin Life Coaches know that those dreams can become a reality! Whether it’s going to the gym or starting a family business, those dreams can become goals, which becomes a plan, which becomes reality.

We can stand in the valley all day and look up at the beautiful mountain. Together with a Thriveworks Franklin Life Coach, let’s take the first steps together and begin the climb by making an appointment at 617-360-7210.

What Is Life Coaching?

Since Life Coaching is new to the counseling profession, a lot of untrue beliefs circle it. While yes, it is similar to counseling, it is not quite the same.

Both counseling and life coaching will help you lead happier, healthier lives. They both give you tools to overcome mental, emotional, or physical roadblocks. But they differ in where you start.

A counseling session will bring healing. A Life Coaching session will bring reached potential. For example, when an athlete tears her muscle, she’ll rest, heal, and see a physical therapist. Similarly, counseling mends together the mind and soul, and help people back on their feet. But what if the athlete wants to perform her absolute best? Maybe she wants to win a race.

Then, a coach would be the best bet for her. Someone who will support her by teaching her and encouraging her as she pushes herself out of her comfort zone and builds stronger muscles. Life Coaching takes an already good thing and make it amazing. We’ll develop skills and build on ones you already had. There is untapped potential living inside all of us, Life Coaching with Thriveworks Franklin is about reaching that potential!

Almost any topic can be addressed in a Thriveworks Franklin Life Coaching session. And if it dips into more of the counseling side of our profession- that’s ok! (We’re still moving forward, right?)

A few common topics include:

  • Graduating from college
  • Earning and receiving a promotion
  • Adjusting to change
  • Making a major life transition
  • Embarking on a new career path
  • Opening a family business
  • Feeling happy and comfortable at work

The right ingredients to create the perfect goal-reaching plan is dependent on who you are, your goals, your situation, and so much more! For this reason, a Franklin Life Coach makes the focus on you, not on a set program. So, no matter how long you think you have to go, or if you think you just need a motivational pep talk or two, Thriveworks Franklin is here for you. We will meet you where you’re at and walk beside you as you reach new heights.

What Will a Life Coaching Session Look Like?

In today’s age, you probably have more self-doubt than you do confidence. Self-doubt is a dream killer! At Thriveworks Franklin Life Coaching, we will deconstruct those doubts and take a renewed look at your strengths. Of course, we’re not just going to sit and stare at them, we’re going to learn how to use them!

Life Coaching is also all about self-reflection and attainable goals. Why? Because you know yourself better than we ever could, and small steps add up to big leaps.

What you take away from a Thriveworks Franklin Life Coaching session will be different from person to person and session to session. Some things you can expect include:

  • Unconditional support and guidance
  • A more robust understanding of your goals
  • Techniques and strategies that will help you reach those goals
  • Greater accountability
  • Encouragement and opportunity to talk about yourself
  • A more positive, clear self-esteem and confidence
  • A clearer path to success and happiness

Are you tired of just surviving this life? There is more out there. Those dreams that keep you up, even just the simple dream of being happy, can become a reality. Thriveworks Franklin Life Coaching is excited to grow with you and watch you achieve new heights. Why not make an appointment today by calling 617-360-7210.

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Insight and Support

I was pleased with the quick and easy access to services through the Thriveworks website. My own HMO had a lon...Read more

g process and wait list during these times of Covid. I chose Jane Eagles to work with because I wanted a mature therapist with lots of experience. She was able to tune right into my situation and my goals for the sessions. She raised great questions for me to consider and always took time to reiterate the main takeaways of our time together. I appreciated her wisdom and clarity as well as her sense of humor.

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Thriveworks Counseling Franklin

Opened a New World of Healing

I can't speak any more highly of Thriveworks. Mikkah has truly been such an important person in my life since ...Read more

I started coming to therapy. I was skeptical at first, knowing that "the first therapist you see may not be the right 'fit' for you," but I was lucky enough to have immediately clicked with Mikkah. It took a bit of time for me to really open up and start to dig deep in my own emotion, but Mikkah was so patient and made me feel so comfortable. She truly has helped me identify a lot of different things I was feeling, but couldn't understand why. I originally came to therapy for adult ADD, recommended by my PCP, but I used therapy as a healthy outlet to start talking about things I have experienced that has caused my mental clarity to fog. Mikkah has truly been such a savior in my life and I can't express my gratitude I have for her. She is extremely professional but makes me feel so comfortable talking about literally anything - almost like we've been best friends for years, even though I just met her a few short months ago. I am so happy with how my therapy is going and I always leave a session feeling better than how I went in. Thank you Thriveworks and thank you especially to Mikkah! You are incredible!!

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Thriveworks Counseling Franklin


Greg has made a difference in my life , he’s very understanding of what I’ve be through, makes suggestions...Read more

to help me deal with my anxiety and depression. We are very blessed , to have him as our counselor, these past few years .

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