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It’s no surprise, but hard times don’t check your schedule before they hit. Trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, a big move, new diagnosis, or relationship issues don’t care if you have work until 8 pm or can’t leave your kids home alone. They don’t care if you travel for work or are snowed in or have finally clicked with a counselor you love right before you move.

Hard times might not care about all these factors, but Thriveworks Franklin certainly does.

Online Counseling—or Telehealth as it is sometimes called—was created back in 1953 on the understanding that life is far from smooth-sailing but that everyone deserves a chance to get help, regardless of their situation. Thriveworks Franklin stands by this value. We offer virtual, online counseling for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and much more. If you would like to schedule an online appointment with Thriveworks Franklin, call (617) 360-7210.

What Is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling comes in many different forms. In its simplest form, it is counseling that takes part away from the office. That could mean a FaceTime, Skype, or phone call. Thriveworks Franklin utilizes a HIPAA compliant, private chat room used by medical professionals.

With all the technology nowadays, Telehealth can raise some questions that you have a right to ask. Will the session be taped? Is it more likely to be leaked that I am in counseling? Is hacking a concern? What about social media?

Thriveworks Franklin understands all those concerns, and we have taken the steps to assure online counseling is safe and private. The private chat room we use is safe and always hold to the Client-Counselor relationship laws that protect your information.

Online Counseling is just as safe and effective as meeting in person. And the flexibility it allows you is paramount. You deserve to be able to chase the life you’ve dreamed of. Outside factors shouldn’t dictate whether or not you can do so. That’s why Thriveworks Franklin offers Telehealth counseling- so you don’t have to stop growing and healing.

Why Online Counseling with Thriveworks Franklin?

Online Counseling can meet many of your needs, oftentimes all at once! Some clients use Telehealth as an alternative in case weather or other outside factors prevent us from meeting. Others use it regularly.

Whatever your reason for looking into Online Counseling, a few ways it could positively influence your counseling experience are:

  1. Consistency: Not everyone knows what they’ll be doing at 6 pm on a Tuesday. For people who have to travel for work or who’s work schedule changes frequently, Online Counseling makes it easier to schedule and go to appointments. You can go to them wherever you are!
  2. Weather: We all have experienced inclement weather in New England that can make driving very hazardous. Telehealth provides the option of keeping appointments even if inclement weather prohibits traveling safely.
  3. Stay with a counselor you love: It’s hard to find a counselor who you click with. Especially if you are looking for someone who relates to you on a cultural, spiritual, or other personal level, it can be heartbreaking to leave them! Searching for a new counselor can be exhausting as well. With Online Counseling, you don’t have to cut off the relationship you’ve both worked so hard to form.
  4. Anonymity: Our offices are always nonjudgmental, and our counselors are trained in empathy. However, seeing a counselor face-to-face is still a stressful experience for some. Research has proven that the anonymity of Online Counseling allows clients to open up faster. This of course makes it easier to begin on the healing and growing process! Whether you are looking for help for depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, or anything else, the desire for anonymity is valid, and we are excited to be able to offer this option to you.
  5. Defeating the Social Stigma: Thriveworks Franklin believes wholeheartedly that seeking help is a wise, acceptable action and should be encouraged. Afterall, we all deserve the chance to live a better life. However, our views couldn’t possibly erase all the negative stigma that still surrounds mental health. We understand that the social stigma, especially if held by close friend or family members, can be a barrier when seeking counseling. Online Counseling is a way to go under the radar in your community, and research suggests it is a very useful tool for teenagers and young adults who often have smaller social circles.

These are just a few of the pros online counseling can bring. There are, of course, cons as well. There are mixed results in the research field as to whether online counseling is more effective than face-to-face. You do have the potential to lose important social cues as far as body language and energies when you meet virtually. However, one overarching consensus remains the same: some counseling is better than no counseling.

Schedule Online Counseling at Thriveworks Franklin

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, behavioral issues, or relationships, don’t struggle in silence. Online Counseling is here for you so you can connect with an empathetic, understanding counselor and start on the path towards a better life today. Thriveworks Franklin is excited to meet you- virtually or in-person- and begin this journey with you!

So, give us a call at (617) 360-7210 and one of our schedulers will be happy to get you connected with a counselor who fits your needs.

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