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Have you ever wondered how you could find time for therapy or counseling for your child or teen? Family life is increasingly busy. Most families manage juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments every day. This can make it challenging to seek out and be consistent with counseling appointments. In fact, over half of people desiring counseling or therapy do not seek out services. This is often due to time constraints, accessibility, location, and convenience.

One popular approach to addressing these issues is online counseling, often called telehealth. With the use of interactive audio and video platforms, online therapy is a convenient and effective counseling approach even for children and teens. These platforms can be accessed via a smartphone, laptop, iPad, or any similar electronic device. Online therapy works and is available to you through Thriveworks Chesterfield, VA.

Why Choose Online Therapy At Thriveworks Chesterfield, VA For My Child Or Teen?

  1. HIPAA compliant audio and video platforms to ensure privacy and confidentiality
  2. Providers specifically trained in telehealth and treatment of children and teens
  3. Coverage by most insurance providers is the same as in-person sessions
  4. Promotes communication from children and teens most comfortable at home
  5. Reduces fears and worries related to coming to an office
  6. Ensures continued care when coming to the office is not feasible
  7. Better understanding of home environment by the therapist

What Issues Can Online Therapy Help Children and Teenagers With?

Online therapy is well researched to be just as effective, if not more so, with many common reasons people seek counseling for children and teens including:

  • Behavior Concerns
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Autism
  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Self-Esteem
  • Peer Pressure and Peer Conflict
  • Divorce and Blended Families
  • Improving Parent-Child Interactions
  • Goal Setting
  • Stress Management
  • Transitioning to Adulthood

What Are the Biggest Advantages of Online Therapy for Children and Teens?

Thriveworks Chesterfield online therapy helps address concerns related to the stigma of counseling. Gone are the worries of explaining to peers why you have to leave school early. Gone are the worries of encountering someone you know at or near your counselor’s office.

Children and teens are growing up with technology, making telehealth a natural fit for many. Use of a familiar mode of interaction, video chatting, helps build trust with the counselor, because it is familiar and comfortable. It is literally more comfortable as you can participate from the comfort of their home. It is also more comfortable in a mental and emotional sense for many children and teens, who struggle to share feelings.

Thriveworks Chesterfield online therapy allows for flexibility and consistency of sessions. Severe weather, illness, and travel no longer require rescheduling or delaying of planned sessions. Concerns are less when it comes to managing school and work schedules to make it to sessions on time. Consistency and routine of sessions supports children and teens in meeting all related counseling goals.

Lastly, therapists get an improved understanding of a child or teen’s life by actually viewing the home environment during the online therapy sessions. Thriveworks Chesterfield online Therapists can potentially see more honest family interactions and understand more fully the child or teen’s actual behavior through online therapy sessions. This allows the therapist to provide potentially more effective interventions, and provide parents with more accurate feedback on parenting approaches.

Schedule a Session at Thriveworks Chesterfield

Thriveworks Chesterfield can help you find the best approach to counseling for your child or teen. We offer evening and weekend appointments in addition to the normal daytime, M-F sessions so that you can find a time that works for your busy schedule. Of course, we offer both in-person and online sessions. There’s never a waiting list—we set you up with a counselor right away. Plus, getting help may be even more accessible than you thought, as most major insurance plans cover telehealth sessions.

Our online counselors have undergone telehealth training and are experienced with helping children and teens achieve results with more convenience and comfort. Take the first step toward healing by scheduling an appointment with a counselor at Thriveworks Chesterfield now. Call 804-419-4122.

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I can’t overstate how incredibly helpful she has been. She met me where I was mentally and helped me to find myself and healthy/productive ways of dealing with my everyday struggles. I’m a completely different and happier person thanks to her hard work.

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eld for many years. I have had the opportunity to work with her in the community and have seen her skills in action first hand, whether for crisis situations or generalized therapy for individuals or families. She has many talents and skills, but especially excels helping others to reach their personalized goals when in midst of going through difficult times. She is an excellent clinician and is also aware of local and regional resources. She delivers caring, compassionate services and is a clinician/psychologist who can work with you, right where you are. She is an asset to the Thriveworks team. Dr. Ampy renders 5*+ services to all she encounters.

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