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It is not an easy thing breaking up from one’s lover, partner or spouse. Since this involves a lot of emotions, it could lead to uncomfortable feeling and exasperation. And efforts are required to do away with those painful past memories and embrace a peaceful, new life.

Common Symptoms of Relationship Breakups

Some of the common symptoms usually associated with people going through relationship breakups are:

  • Thoughts of killing themselves
  • Real physical pain
  • Cannot sleep well
  • Full of anxiety
  • Feeling seriously depressed
  • Lack of motivation
  • Hopeless feeling, et cetera

Anyone with one or more of the symptoms above should seek relationship breakup counseling immediately. On most occasions, it is difficult to deal with the aftermath of a breakup alone without asking an experienced breakup therapist for help.

Challenges People Usually Faced After Breakups

  • Mental challenge: Depression and mood swings are two common mental challenges faced by someone going through a relationship breakup.
  • Social challenge: After breakup, people tend to withdraw from their social circles as they are now ashamed to face their former friends, colleagues and associates. Most especially, they run away from meeting friends they had shared with their former spouse, partner or lover.
  • Financial challenge: Relationship breakups can impose financial difficulty on either of the former couples because each of them must now be responsible for their financial needs after breaking up.

How Can a Qualified Relationship Counselor Help in this Case?

Asking for help from a qualified relationship counselor or therapist can provide the much-needed therapy for breakup couples, partners and lovers. Here are some of the ways a therapist can help you:

  • Listening carefully to you and offering practical suggestions
  • Providing some counseling according to the information gathered from you
  • Keeping the counseling real and offering useful advice
  • Guiding you through a process of self-recovery
  • Creating a condition of positivity to boost your self-confidence
  • Helping you deal decisively with guilt and self-accusation
  • Creating a mindset of self-expression and better communication ability in you

If you are going through any of the relationship breakup issues highlighted above, why not call us for a consultation?

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