Alcoholism Counseling

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Alcoholism Counseling

Alcoholism – What Is It?

What does it mean to be addicted to alcohol? There isn’t always an agreed upon definition –Alcoholics Anonymous suggest the following: ‘a physical dependency on alcohol and mental compulsion to consume it’. This means that an addict lacks the luxury of choice in his or her actions – he or she is compelled to consume alcohol without reason or control. Addicts looking to quit may even expose themselves to significant risks – alcohol withdrawal syndrome often results in serious illness and, in extreme cases, even death.

Signs And Symptoms.

Alcohol addiction exists across all sections of the population. There are very obvious alcoholics that fail to hide their addiction and do not function well in society. There are also the ‘high functioning’ alcoholics that manage to hide their addiction more effectively than others. Despite this diversity, addicts do share many of the same symptoms:

  • Severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Requiring more and more alcohol for the same effect.
  • Drinking at inappropriate times e.g. drinking behind the wheel.
  • Needing alcohol to feel ‘normal’ or ‘confident’.

Beating Alcohol Addiction with Counseling Therapy.

Beating an addiction to alcohol always has its beginnings rooted in the same place – acceptance. Accepting that you have a problem is integral to winning the battle against it. Addicts undergoing treatment have a number of different stages to their recovery process – detoxification, rehabilitation and finally maintained abstinence.

Professional help in the form of counseling is almost always used throughout this rehabilitation process. Here at Thriveworks Chesterfield we specialize in the counseling services required for rehabilitation. We work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to develop an effective plan to rehabilitate them and help them maintain their abstinence.

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