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After 18 hours of crying and screaming in labor, Jen finally gets to meet her beautiful baby girl. Relieved, she looks into baby Bella’s big blue eyes and says, “We did it. You made it.” Unfortunately, however, the next few weeks don’t go quite how Jen imagined. The love she expected to overwhelm her just isn’t there. Instead, she’s overwhelmed with nerves, discomfort, and sadness. While she hates to admit it, she’d rather be doing anything but caring for her newborn.

For many parents, bringing a child into the world is their greatest accomplishment—despite fertility issues, miscarriage(s), or other complications experienced along the way, they succeeded in bringing a human being into the world. And after dedicating 9 months (give or take) to growing their baby, seeing and hearing their newborn cry for the first time is a precious miracle. All they want to do is take their baby home; embark on the joys of parenthood. But sometimes, this plan doesn’t come to fruition. Instead, new parents are thrown a curveball: postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression makes moms (and sometimes dads) feel sad, guilty, and hopeless. They experience a disconnect from their newborn and lose interest in caring for the baby, in addition to other harmful symptoms that many don’t know how to cope with. Fortunately, postpartum depression counseling at Thriveworks provides answers. If you just had a baby and think you might be a victim of postpartum depression, reach out to Thriveworks Chesterfield. Our counselors and therapists can help you understand and manage the many harmful symptoms that often come with this disorder.

Do I Have Postpartum Depression? What Are the Symptoms?

As we mentioned above, postpartum depression makes women (and sometimes men) feel sad, hopeless, and guilty after giving birth or in the last trimester of pregnancy. They often feel disconnected from their baby or don’t want to care for the baby. In addition, they experience other harmful symptoms like:

  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in activity levels
  • Loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Inability to focus
  • Suicidal thoughts

You might notice that these symptoms are characteristic of major depression. However, those with postpartum depression experience additional symptoms related to caring for their baby like:

  • The fear of being alone with their baby
  • Being unable to care properly for their baby
  • Having little to no interest in their baby
  • Worrying excessively about their baby
  • Having other negative feelings related to their baby

How Can Counseling or Therapy Help?

Postpartum depression is scary, especially when you aren’t sure what these symptoms signify or how to cope with these symptoms. This makes your seeking treatment important. If you can relate to the above symptoms and think you might have postpartum depression, reach out to Thriveworks Chesterfield. Our counselors will tailor treatment to your unique situation and experience with postpartum depression. That said, you can expect to discuss…

  1. Your feelings: Your counselor will want to understand exactly how you’re feeling and what symptoms you’re experiencing. Remember, every experience is different.
  2. Your thoughts: They’ll also want to discuss your thoughts—do you think you’re at fault? Are you placing blame on yourself (even though you haven’t done anything wrong)?
  3. Your actions: Your counselor will always want to know what actions you’re taking. Are you lashing out at your significant other as a result of your feelings? Are you taking extra good care of yourself during this time?

Finally, your counselor will talk to you about how you can improve in therapy. They’ll ask about your hopes for the future, and then help you cope with the symptoms you’re experiencing, as well as map out a plan for developing a healthy relationship with your baby. In sum, you and your counselor will work together to challenge and overcome harmful thoughts, change unhealthy behaviors, and create a better tomorrow for you and your family.

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Negative feelings toward one’s baby are almost never acted on—however, they’re scary and the accompanying effects are harmful. If you suspect you might have postpartum depression, you need to seek help today. Consider working with a postpartum depression counselor at Thriveworks Chesterfield. Our providers are the best of the best, as they complete extensive training and possess the experience necessary to help you. Additionally, they truly care about your health and wellbeing, and they want to make a difference in your life.

To schedule an appointment at Thriveworks Chesterfield, give us a call at (804) 419-4122. A scheduling specialist will help you set up a session that works for you—be it a weekday or weekend appointment, daytime or nighttime. In any case, we look forward to meeting you, beginning this important work, and helping you to live a happy, healthy life despite postpartum depression.

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