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When we were little kids, we all looked forward to a special day in school — Career Day! Our parents might come in and talk about their jobs, or maybe even a firefighter or a police officer would make an appearance and tell us what they did all day long.  We thought to ourselves, “Wow! I’m going to have an exciting job when I grow up, too!”

Then, we got a little older.  We went to college and before we knew it, we had a spouse and children, all who depend on us for everything they need, and so we settled into a job we don’t like just to pay the bills.  Or maybe we just keep bouncing from job to job hoping we land in one that we don’t hate.

Let’s be honest: this isn’t working. If you’re ready to make some career changes and the Chesterfield, VA area is your home, Thriveworks Chesterfield Career Counseling can help you make those changes today!
Being able to get paid for doing what I love — is that really possible for me?”

YES! We are thrilled that you asked and we’re excited to see the changes that will happen in your life as a result of our time together.  Your counselor will hold up a mirror to your life and ask you some questions.  Your honest answers to those questions and what you do with the knowledge you gain could change your entire life.

With a Thriveworks Chesterfield Career Counselor, you’ll learn:

  • What kind of work brings you happiness
  • What kind of work showcases your talents
  • How to define success for your own life
  • How to make an optimistic yet realistic career plan

Why a Thriveworks Chesterfield Career Counselor for Career Planning Services

  • Individual assessment (Typically involves 1- 3 individual sessions)

Since all Career Counseling Services offered at Thriveworks Chesterfield are provided by Licensed Mental Health Providers the assessment process will involve a thorough social history assessment designed to identify emotional, social and behavioral strengths and limitations. A trained Therapist is able to identify means of aligning vocational goals with his or her level of emotional and behavioral health.

  • Career Assessment – (2 sessions)

We typically administer one or more of the following:

  1. Career Assessment Inventory
  2. Myers Briggs Temperament Indictor
  3. 16 PF Questionnaire.

A detailed interpretive report will be generated and shared with you by your Careeer Counselor. You will learn about your:

  • Interests
  • Work-related Values
  • Personality Type
  • Aptitudes
  • Preferred Work Environments
  • Developmental Needs
  • Realities

Development of Vocational Plan with measurable and time limited goals (Typically 3- 6 sessions)

Organizational Apps, Timelines and/or Graphic Action Plan(s) will be developed. Using the following 3 focus areas prerequisite skills and resources will be identified and mapped out in a meaningful way.

  • Occupational- job search, resume development, professional contacts
  • Educational – training needs, interviewing skill development
  • Personal – work-life balance, managing depression and anxiety, marital and parenting concerns

Resume Writing – (Between 1-3 sessions)

Our licensed Career Coach will assist you in enhancing an existing resume or designing one that highlights your experience and interests with those of your chosen field. Resume Writing services involve:

  • Selecting a Style
    • Reverse – Chronological
    • Functional
    • Combination
  • Presentation of Information
    • Contact
    • Resume Introduction
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Additional Information
  • Formatting
  • Developing a Cover Letter

Once you are honest with yourself about your career, you can begin to grow professionally in a field that makes you happy.

Stop gambling with your career and start moving forward!

You don’t have to bounce from job to job and hope you’ll end up somewhere where you’ll be happy.  Call us today at 804-419-4122 and let’s make a plan that we can follow with specific goals for you!  If you contact us today, you can see one of our counselors this week, possibly even the same day that we hear from you.

We can’t wait to see all the wonderful changes you’ll make – let’s start today!

Insurance may cover some of the assessment sessions. For self-pay clientele ask us about discounted Career Counseling Package pricing.

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