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“I actually went to coaching to figure out what I wanted to do with my business. It helped me clarify what my goals were and figure out how to achieve those goals. It also gave me positive energy—like, validation—to begin taking those steps.”

“I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but I struggled to even jog on a regular basis. I just needed some motivation, I guess. But it was more than motivation—my life coach helped me figure out why I wanted to run the marathon. Having a specific reason really made it easier to get off the couch. I haven’t run a marathon yet, but I’ve done a couple of 5k’s, so I feel like I’m progressing in a way I’ve never done before.”

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is kind of like personal training in the fitness world—without a trainer, you might be exercising and feeling well, but with a good trainer, you can get better results, faster. So, without a life coach, you might be stable and generally content—but with a life coach, you can take things to the next level. A life coach helps the client determine what their goals are and also helps the client create a plan to achieve those goals. After all, even the best of goals can stay on the shelf without a thoughtful plan to achieve them.

Good Candidates for Life Coaching

Good candidates for life coaching in Chesterfield are stable individuals with a gap between where they are now and where they want to be. That’s really the only requirement for life coaching. If you’re aware of the gap, but not entirely certain where you want to be, you are still a good candidate, as during your first session with us we will work to determine your goals—and while that process can be challenging, it’s also a lot of fun.

Life Coaching versus Traditional Counseling

While the main goal of traditional counseling is typically to help with a specific issue or set of issues that are negatively impacting your life—depression, anger management, relationship struggles, progressing and overcoming a traumatic event, and so on—life coaching will help you become the best version of you possible. In other words, if counseling can help get you from a -10 to a 0, life coaching can help get you from neutral 0 to the prime version of yourself at 10.

Though “general improvement” is a reasonable place to start, the more specific the goals, the more specific the results. An initial session with a life coach can help determine what areas of your life to focus on improving. If there are several areas to focus on, the life coach can also help prioritize the order in which the goals are addressed.

Sessions are scheduled appointments typically lasting an hour. The coach and client may also agree upon tasks to be completed between appointments for discussion at the next session. These tasks will be designed to keep the client moving forward in accomplishing their goals.

At Thriveworks in Chesterfield, VA, we’ve had a lot of success with life coaching in multiple areas, including:

  • Career: Are you still drifting along in an entry-level position after several years in your industry? Assistance in creating a career trajectory can help you rise higher, faster. Or, are you successful at work, but would like help in relating to your co-workers, particularly subordinates, in the most effective way possible? Career coaching may be the answer.
  • Money: Often, attitudes toward money hold us back from achieving our best financial situation. Whether or not there are mental blocks to overcome, many individuals need assistance in making and achieving financial goals, particularly when they are related to business ownership.
  • Health: Maybe you have started and stopped exercise regimens multiple times and know you need to change your thought process. Maybe you’ve just gotten a wake-up call—been diagnosed with diabetes or another diet-related disease—and you need assistance in changing your attitude toward health.
  • Family and Friends: Are your relationships with those important to you satisfying? If not, or if you sense you could create greater intimacy with loved ones, a coach can help.
  • Romance: Do you want to seek greater intimacy? Or would you like to find a partner? A coach can help you determine what your vision for a successful relationship is in an effort to find ways to connect more closely with your partner. The same idea applies if the goal is to find a mate—a life coach can help the client clearly define what they have to offer, as well as what they prioritize in a partner.
  • Personal Growth: Maybe you feel stymied in your relationship with yourself and how you view the world. That’s a tough spot to be in. A life coach can help you get to know yourself—arguably the most important relationship anyone will have.
  • Recreation and Hobbies: Would you like to seek more fulfilling recreational activities for exercise, social involvement, or another reason?

There are many valid reasons to seek a life coach—and it all comes back to the gap. If there’s a gap between your current situation and the life of your dreams, life coaching can help.

Give Us a Call

If you’re looking for a life coach in Chesterfield, VA, give us a call. Our experienced life coaches are trained to ask the questions that will push you to establish goals and take the steps necessary to meet those goals, whether it’s in work, health, or your relationships. We can usually see you within 24 hours, so there’s no need to wait any longer to take the first step.

Thriveworks Chesterfield: (804) 419-4122.

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