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When you feel lonely or socially isolated it can feel that there’s nothing to live for. These feelings can cause actual, physical pain in the body, depression, and suicidal thinking. People experiencing these feelings can have trouble with their sleep, can eat or drink too much, and can become irritable. The good news is that there are solutions.

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Everyone feels lonely once in a while but the feeling generally passes quickly or can be cured by simply meeting up with people that they’re close to. However, with a more serious loneliness or social isolation problem, the feeling persists. One of the first and most important things a person can do in this situation is to admit to themselves that they’re lonely and that it’s not getting better on its own.

This can be challenging for a number of reasons. For those who are socially isolated, it can be difficult to admit that perhaps they do need people around. For those who aren’t isolated and have the support and love of friends and family, it can feel like an insult to them to admit to being lonely – or it can feel like there must be something wrong with them as a person if they’re lonely even when surrounded by love.

Loneliness is nothing to be ashamed of

No matter what the cause of loneliness is, or what your situation is, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Many people feel that they should simply “get over it” but the reality is that it may be caused by things outside of your control.

How to take control over your loneliness

There is no magic cure for loneliness but there is a way to get control back over your feelings: working with a counselor. At Thriveworks Littleton Counseling & Coaching we provide the personalized approach necessary to assure you get exactly the treatment plan you need for your specific issues.

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