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Anger is a powerful, natural, some would say ‘god-given’ emotion. Anger is also a very useful emotion, and serves an important purpose—to give us the drive to correct a perceived injustice or wrong that has been done to us, or to someone we care about. Simply put, we need anger. The world needs some anger. It serves an important purpose.

There’s nothing wrong with anger.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling angry. In fact, It’s normal to feel anger in some form multiple times a day. However, when someone is experiencing a “problem with anger”, anger can have profound and destructive effects on one’s life, one’s relationships, and/or one’s own health. For example,

Are you feeling intense anger multiple times a day, most days?

  • Are you feeling that you’re often on edge?
  • Are you often frustrated (which is “anger without permission)?
  • Does your anger go from 0-10 before you even know that it happened?

Anger Management Management in Littleton, CO.

Thriveworks counselors can help clients with a range of troubling life issues from depression, to anxiety, to…yes, anger. We have excellent licensed professionals on staff. Anger, while a difficult problem to experience, is very treatable. It can be managed, and we want to help. Give Thriveworks Littleton Counseling a call. Let us help.

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