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Adolescence was a difficult time of life for many of us. Most of us are just glad to have survived middle school and high school, and would rather not return. Bullying, peer pressure, drugs, body image issues; the list is endless of things that can cause trouble during these years. If you are considering counseling for your teenager, you need to look no further. Thriveworks Chesterfield counselors can be your teen’s trusted confidant. Having a neutral third party to discuss issues can be a huge benefit to a young person. There are certain things that are hard to talk about with parents, and just having a listening ear can be very helpful.

Perhaps you used to be very close to your son or daughter, but now, you can barely recognize your child. They are sullen, withdrawn, and barely speak to you. You miss the relationship that you once enjoyed so easily with your child. While this is very common, it is still very difficult for parents. We can help you and your child forge a new path into having a relationship based on trust and admiration.

Maybe your teenager has suffered a serious trauma, or is dealing with something that you know is beyond your ability to handle. We have counselors trained in many different areas of mental health and can connect you with the right practitioner for your son or daughter. We have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients.

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