How Long Do I Need to Be Licensed to Get on Insurance Panels?

This is a questions we hear every day (if not several times a day) at Thriveworks about insurance panels. The answer can get complicated, as the rules change by insurance company, and by state. However, in most instances healthcare providers who are fully licensed (not intern-level or intermediate-level license) can get credentialed with most insurance panels. However, there are exceptions! UBH and United Healthcare like their providers to be practicing for a minimum 2 years post licensure, and Value Options requires 3 year of post-licence practice. On a positive note, in most states Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and many others have no post-licensure waiting period. In the video below, Dr. Anthony Centore and Whitney Bade talk about the issue.

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  1. Scott Ginther says

    I think it’s important to be clear that when you say “licensed”, you mean “independently licensed” to practice without supervision. So, it is unlikely that insurance panels will accept a therapist in training. So, if you are considering starting a private practice before you are independently licensed, you should not assume that you will be accepted to most of the major insurance panels.

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