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When is drinking too much?

If alcohol is having an undesirable effect on your life, then you are undoubtedly drinking too much. Answer these questions:

  • Have you lost control of your drinking?
  • Do you need to drink larger amounts to get the effect you want?
  • Get sick or feel physically painful if you cut down on your drinking?
  • Had problems with your friends or family because of alcohol?
  • Have you lost your job?
  • Gotten in trouble with the law?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, or if you just think you have a problem, talk to a Substance Abuse Counselor in Woodstock. They can help you discover if you do have a drinking problem. Do not be self-conscious to talk with them about it. Alcohol problems are widespread and there are treatments that can help you get through this.

What If I Keep Drinking Too Much?

Persons who drink too much can get serious liver and cardiovascular disease, can get different types of cancer, and they can damage their brains. Furthermore, people who drink too much are more likely than people who do not to: Drown, be seriously hurt, have car accidents, or kill themselves.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is essentially the medical terminology for alcohol addiction or alcoholism. Individuals who have alcohol addiction have more than two of the following problems and generally, the more of following points below that they have, is directly correlated to how severe their disorder truly is:

  • Drinking more alcohol than they planned to or for a longer time than they planned to.
  • Wish they could cut down on alcohol, but they can’t.
  • Spend a lot of time trying to get alcohol, getting drunk, or recovering from being drunk.
  • Have a strong desire or urge to drink alcohol.
  • Don’t do things that are expected of them, such as go to work or school, remember family events, and clean their home.
  • Continue drinking even if it causes or worsens problems in their relationships or interactions with other people.
  • Cut back or stop on important social, work, or fun activities they used to do.
  • Continue drinking alcohol even in situations where it is dangerous to do so (such as while driving).
  • Continue drinking alcohol even when they know they have a physical or mental problem that was probably caused or made worse by their drinking.
  • Have “withdrawal symptoms” if they stop drinking alcohol after drinking for a long time. Withdrawal symptoms can include: Sweating or a racing heart, hand trembling, insomnia, being restless, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, and/or seeing, feeling, or hearing things that aren’t really there (these are called “hallucinations”).

What Treatments Can Help?

Individuals who have difficulties with alcohol can:

  • See a counselor or therapist (such as a psychologist, social worker, or counselor)
  • Take medications
  • Take part in a support group.

All of these treatments can help, and they can be combined. Many folks can fix their drinking problem on their own or with qualified help, but people who have been drinking several days a week for weeks in a row should not try to cut down without the help of a nurse or doctor. Persons who drink this much can die if they halt or reduce alcohol consumption too promptly.

Get Substance Abuse (Alcohol) Help TODAY

If you are having trouble coping because of your substance abuse, you should see a Thriveworks Substance Abuse Therapist or Counselor at Thriveworks Woodstock and start therapy as soon as possible. In fact, our office is conveniently located and discrete. Thriveworks Woodstock, GA offers daytime, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate you with your busy schedule. Seeing a Thriveworks Woodstock Substance Abuse Counselor means that there is never a waiting list and that you’ll be able to get an appointment in 24-48 hours. Additionally, getting substance abuse help may be more affordable than you thought as we accept most major insurance plans. Particularly, our anxiety counselors have endured laborious training and they are well-versed at helping people lessen, and sometimes diminish, the presence of substance abuse in their lives.

Substance abuse has demanded too much of your life and you can regain your life today. Be the go-getter, high-achiever, or “clean” person you want to be. Take that initial step towards curing your substance abuse by scheduling an appointment with a Thriveworks Substance Abuse Counselor now.


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