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“Trauma creates changes you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” –Michelle Rosenthal

An emotional, physical, or sexual trauma is something no one deserves to go through. It can have devastating effects on your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. But while some traumas may leave scars, healing is possible. And you don’t have to do it alone. The therapists at Thriveworks Trauma Counseling Woodstock are here to walk beside you as you heal and grow.

How we respond to a trauma will be very different from the person next to us. Each experience is real, painful, and scary. How we heal from a trauma will also be different. Many people may experience anxiety, depression, or anger as they process and respond to what happened to them. Sometimes how they feel will change frequently, other times it can feel like they’re stuck in the same spot for years.

A trauma can steal your peace and happiness, but you have the power to take it back. Healing isn’t always comfortable and reaching out takes immense courage. Thank you for showing that courage now. Our Thriveworks Woodstock counselors are here for you to lean on and learn from as you fight for the life you deserve.

What Are Some Symptoms of Trauma?

What makes the human brain so extraordinary also makes it susceptible to trauma. Our brains fully interact and process the world at a speed and depth hardly imaginable. Trauma can actually mold the brain into an unhealthy version. When this happens, it can act like we’re always on the brink of danger. It’s as if you can’t trust your own brain- a frustrating experience to say the least.

Fortunately, the brain can also be molded back. Researchers coined the term neuroplasticity to describe how trauma (and other events) can disfigure the brain and its connections, but also how healing can occur. Together, you and a Thriveworks Woodstock Trauma counselor can rebuild your life the way you imagine it.

Symptoms of a trauma may include:

  • Recurrent, painful dreams
  • Flashbacks
  • Emotional numbness
  • Jittery/always on edge
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty trusting others, even ones you opened up to before the trauma
  • Persistent fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame
  • Difficulty finding pleasure in activities you used to love
  • Difficulty feeling positive emotions
  • A general feeling of detachment from the world or yourself
  • Continuous feeling of discomfort in stomach and gut

Trauma intrudes on all aspects of your life, creating too many symptoms to just list here. The type of trauma, personality, and previous experiences all go into shaping how you respond to a trauma. It can be isolating to not have anyone who understands. You don’t have to be alone anymore, though. Thriveworks Woodstock believe in putting the client first. We listen, guide, and support, but allow you to lead your own healing.

It’s always safest to call if you think you could benefit from talking to a professional. The quicker we start down the path of healing, the quicker you can have control of your life again.

How Can Thriveworks Trauma Counseling Woodstock Help?

Every Thriveworks counseling session will be unique to you and your situation. We strive to be your partner in the healing process, not your leader. Afterall, you know yourself best!

We do have a few tools that can help us on our way. Some of these include:

  • Education on the symptoms of trauma
  • Learning how to cope with symptoms (Examples include relaxation exercises, anger-management techniques and guided imagery)
  • Re-learning how to have a healthy relationship with sleep, exercise, and diet. These may have been impacted by the trauma and are crucial to fully healing.
  • Uncover and dismantle any guilt, self-blame or other negative emotions surrounding the trauma. It was not your fault.
  • Work through any remaining fear and anxiety. It’s not always easy, but these emotions can lurk undetected for years and disrupt your way of life.
  • Address any comorbid struggles such as anxiety or depression.

Healing from a trauma can seem impossible. Thriveworks Woodstock is here to reassure you that it’s not. You do have the strength to overcome your trauma. It’s not a walk in the park, but that’s why it is important to have a partner to walk beside you. We are here to maximize your time and get you to a healthy, happy place quicker than before.

Your present does not belong to your past. You can give us a call today and begin healing.

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