Depression Counseling in Woodstock, GA—Counselors and Therapists

Depression Counseling in Woodstock, GA—Counselors and Therapists

Depression is a mental illness that can make you feel sad, but it differs from ordinary sadness. Additionally, depression can make it difficult for you to do everyday tasks, work, as well as study.

How can you tell if you are truly depressed?

Depressed people feel unhappy almost all of the time for at minimal 2 weeks. Furthermore, they have at least one of these two symptoms:

  • You may feel hopeless, cranky, sad, or down majority of the day, practically every day.
  • You may no longer appreciate or care about doing the things you used to like to do.

Depression can also make you:

  • Forget things or feel confused
  • Move and speak more slowly than usual
  • Act restless or have trouble staying still
  • Think about death or suicide
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Sleep too much or too little
  • Feel tired or like you have no energy
  • Feel guilty or like you are worth nothing

If you think you could be depressed, call Thriveworks Woodstock Depression Counseling. Only someone trained in mental health can tell for sure if you are depressed.

What Kind of Treatments Are for Depression?

People who have depression can get 1 or more of the following treatments:

  • Medicines that relieve depression
  • Counseling (with a psychiatrist, psychologist, registered nurse, or social worker)

Individuals with depression that is not too severe can get recover by talking with a counselor who is well trained in depression therapy. In addition, individuals with severe depression generally need medicines to get well and will also need to see a counselor.

Surprisingly, many people who see a Thriveworks Depression Counselor in Woodstock will start to feel better within a few weeks, but it might take 8 to 10 weeks to get the greatest benefit.

If the first treatment you try does not help you, voice this to your therapist, but don’t give up. Often times individuals need to try various treatments or combinations of treatments before they find an approach that works. A Thriveworks Depression Counselor in Woodstock can work with you to find the right treatment for you. As a matter of fact, they can also help you figure out how to cope with depression while you search for the correct treatment or are waiting for your treatment to start working. If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms of depression, don’t take it lightly and call Thriveworks Depression Counseling of Woodstock. Without a doubt, we can help you take back your life!

Does Depression Look the Same for Teenagers?

No. The symptoms of depression vary from teenagers to adults. In certain instances, teenagers are moody or down a lot of the time. This can make it hard to tell when they are truly depressed. Teenagers who are truly depressed regularly seem irritable and they can get easily “bothered” or “annoyed.” Also, they may even pick fights with people. Correspondingly, when treating a teen, doctors and nurses frequently recommend trying counseling first, before trying medicine. This is because there is a significant chance that depression medications can cause complications for some teenagers.

Get Depression Help TODAY

If you are having trouble coping because of your depression symptoms, you should see a Thriveworks Woodstock Depression Therapist or Counselor who is trained in identifying the signs and symptoms in order to start therapy as soon as possible. In fact, our office is conveniently located and discrete. Thriveworks Depression Counselors in Woodstock, GA offer daytime, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate you with your busy schedule. Seeing a Thriveworks Woodstock Depression Counselor means that there is never a waiting list and that you’ll be able to get an appointment in 24-48 hours. Surprisingly, getting depression help may be more affordable than you think as we accept most major insurance plans. Truly, our depression counselors have undergone demanding training and they are well-qualified with helping people lessen, and sometimes diminish, the presence of depression in their lives.

Depression has commanded too much of your life and you can regain your life today. Be the parent, teenager, or individual you want to be. Take that initial step towards curing your depression by scheduling an appointment with a Thriveworks Woodstock Depression Counselor now.


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