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Everyone feels nervous and/or anxious once in a while and that is typical. On the contrary, being tremendously worried or anxious almost daily for 6 months or greater is not typical. This condition is called “generalized anxiety disorder” and this ailment can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

In fact, generalized anxiety disorder is just one anxiety illness. There are others, such as phobias as well as panic disorder. Call Thriveworks Anxiety Counseling of Woodstock. We can help you reclaim your life!

What Are the Symptoms of Extreme or Severe Anxiety?

People with extreme or severe anxiety often feel very “on edge” on worried most of the time. These individuals can have difficulty sleeping and can become forgetful. Anxiety can cause stress to one’s body and individuals can have physical symptoms too. For instance, people with severe anxiety habitually have tense muscles and feel exhausted. Some may feel chest “tightness” or get stomach aches.

Is There Anything I Can Do on My Own to Feel Better?

Absolutely. Exercise helps many individuals feel less anxious. Clinicians agree that it’s a great idea to reduce and/or stop coffee intake as well as other sources of caffeine as it has been shown to make anxiety worse.

What are the anxiety treatments?

Treatments include:

  • Psychotherapy– Psychotherapy involves meeting with a Thriveworks Woodstock Anxiety Counselor to talk about your worries, feelings, as well as relationships. Therapy has been shown to find innovative ways of thinking about your situation so that you feel less anxious. In therapy, you may also obtain new skills to decrease anxiety.
  • Medicines– Medicines used in the treatment of depression can relieve anxiety even in persons who are not depressed. Your doctor or nurse will choose which medicines are best for your situation.

Some individuals have psychotherapy and take medicines at the same time.

Get Anxiety Help TODAY

If you are having trouble coping because of your anxiety symptoms, you should see a Thriveworks Anxiety Therapist or Counselor in Woodstock and start therapy as soon as possible. In particular, our office is conveniently located and discrete. Thriveworks Anxiety Counselors in Woodstock, GA offer daytime, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate you with your demanding schedule. Seeing a Thriveworks Woodstock Anxiety Counselor means that there is never a waiting list and that you’ll be able to get an appointment in 24-48 hours. Amazingly, getting anxiety help may be more affordable than you thought as we accept most major insurance plans. Notably, our anxiety counselors have endured laborious training and they are well-versed at helping people lessen, and sometimes diminish, the presence of anxiety in their lives.

Anxiety has demanded too much of your life and you can regain your life today. Be the authentic individual, enthusiast, and person you want to be. Take that initial step towards curing your anxiety by scheduling an appointment with a Thriveworks Woodstock Anxiety Counselor now.


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