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An eating disorder is often a silent struggle. It is a battle every day that brings with it shame, guilt, and confusion. Often the worst part is how lonely it can be. Even loved ones have difficulty understanding an eating disorder unless they have gone through it themselves. With an eating disorder, even the best intentions can backfire.

“Your weight doesn’t matter that much.”

“Why don’t you just eat?”

“It’s not that hard to stop!”

Chances are if you’re struggling with an eating disorder, you’ve heard all of this. The truth is an eating disorder is a consuming, destructive cycle that many wish they could get out of. But eating disorders are deceptive, and it’s easy to find yourself back in it again.

Thriveworks Woodstock is working to break through the lies around eating disorders and offer guidance and help to those who need it. It’ll be hard, and at times feel impossible. Thriveworks Woodstock eating disorder counselors know you have the strength to do it though. Having a professional, supportive guide to the recovery process can also give you that needed knowledge to get to a spot of love and health.

How Does Someone Develop an Eating Disorder?

The body needs food to survive, so how can our relationship with food become so distorted? It’s a gradual road; one you don’t think you’re traveling until it’s almost too late. Keyword almost, because Thriveworks Woodstock Eating Disorder Counselors believe it’s never too late to begin healing.

It’s important to get to the root of why an eating disorder developed. Sometimes, it’s a coping mechanism for stressful and overwhelming events or emotions. Other times, it’s the only control you may have in your life. On the other hand, maybe binge eating is the only time you can let loose. Almost always, society plays a crucial role in the development of an eating disorder. The unsustainable, harsh expectations for body weight and shape can push someone over the edge.

Thriveworks Woodstock wants to stress that it is never your fault if you are struggling with an eating disorder. Eating Disorders are confusing because on one hand, you don’t want to work out for hours on end, not eat for days, or eat everything in the fridge the minute no one is around. But on the other hand, you feel like you have to, or you can’t be happy. That’s just another lie eating disorders can spin.

To add to the complexity, not all eating disorders are the same. They all have some facets of mood disorders, addictions, compulsions, and impairing thought patterns and habits. Largely, they are personalized to your unique situation. The big three eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. While the symptoms and treatment methods will be unique, Thriveworks Woodstock has the tools to battle each one. Our Eating Disorder Therapists are here to encourage, teach, and support you as together, we fight for the life you’ve always deserved- one free from eating disorders.

What Are the Symptoms of Anorexia?

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Untreated, the effects it takes on the body are devastating. Thriveworks Woodstock is battling every day to reverse that statistic. Recovery is possible, and it becomes easier the sooner action is taken.

You are not alone if anorexia is one of your battles. The strength it takes to ask for help with anything is tremendous, but it becomes even more commendable when your mind keeps saying “There’s nothing wrong, you’re almost there. A few more pounds, and you’ll be happy.”

When you’re feeling trapped in your body and mind, Thriveworks Woodstock has the experience and knowledge to break you out. A few signs to look for in yourself or a loved one include:

  • Underweight (BMI less than 18)
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Restricting food
  • Counting calories
  • Unusual amounts of exercise
  • A lot of thoughts focused around food, weight, or body shape
  • Strong desires for a different size/shape
  • Wearing baggy clothes to hide weight loss or body shape

No one case of Anorexia looks the same. Whatever you are struggling with, know that you deserve to be happy and free. Thriveworks Woodstock Eating Disorder Counseling can help you get there.

What Are the Symptoms of Bulimia?

Bulimia is Anorexia’s evil stepsister. They can look similar but have a few defining differences. The unforgiving binge-purge cycle Bulimia brings is frustrating and devastating to say the least. According to psychologists, a binge is an uncontrolled consumption of an atypical amount of food. It’s frightening and can result in crippling shame, which can provoke a purge cycle. Purges may be forced vomiting, excessive exercise, fasting, diuretics, or any other actions that try to reverse the calories eaten during the binge and lose weight.

Bulimia likes to tell the lie “You’re doing this because you’re weak. Do better next time.” You are not weak! Eating disorders are a result of many factors, but not one of them is a personal flaw. In fact, Thriveworks Woodstock Eating Disorder Therapists know it is your strength and resilience, combined with a little extra support, that will break the Bulimia cycle.

Some signs of Bulimia include:

  • Having a binge episode (eating excessive amounts of food when the situation does not call for it, feeling out of control or like you can’t stop while eating.)
  • Trying to counteract the binge by purging (vomiting, exercise, fasting, etc.)
  • Being preoccupied with shape and body image, feeling shame or a desire to change
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Dehydration or other vitamin imbalances

Bulimia comes in many shades and colors. No matter what your experience- there is hope! You don’t have to fight alone. Thriveworks Woodstock is here at your side.

What Are the Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder?

With the rise of both stress and addictive food, Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is becoming one of the most common disorders in America.

Once more, Thriveworks Woodstock wants to remind you that BED does not make you weak! Our brains haven’t caught up with the processed, addicting food that is so pervasive in our culture. BED is a result of brain and body chemistry, mixed in with a few unhealthy coping mechanisms and habits.

Binge Eating Disorder has a high success rate of recovery. That doesn’t make it easy to do so alone! Thriveworks Woodstock Binge Eating Disorder counselors understand the many facets of such a consuming disorder and are ready to walk beside you a we regain control of your body and mind.

Some symptoms of binge eating disorder include:

  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Disgusted at yourself, your habits, or your body
  • Binge eating, oftentimes alone where no one can see you eat
  • Feeling out of control when eating
  • Embarrassed about eating patterns
  • Continuously eating even after full (to the point of pain)
  • Feeling a lack of emotions when eating
  • Feeling like eating is the only way you can cope with high emotions

Eating Disorder Help at Thriveworks Woodstock

Whatever your experience, your eating habits don’t have to control you anymore. There are few things as devastating as an eating disorder. The isolation, confusion and potential comorbid disorders (like depression and anxiety) can make your life feel out of control and hopeless. Thriveworks Woodstock Eating Disorder Counseling believes recovery is possible for everyone. After all, you deserve to feel good about who you are!

The strength and courage it takes to reach out is proof that you have it in you to beat your eating disorder. Thriveworks Woodstock is here for you when you are ready to begin that journey.

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