Life Coaching in Willow Grove, PA—Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists at Thriveworks

Life Coaching in Willow Grove, PA—Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists at Thriveworks 

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” -C. S Lewis

You’re stuck in traffic on your way to the same 9-5 job you’ve had for the last ten years. Or maybe you’re doing your daily chores and it suddenly hits you- I could be doing so much more. The spark for something new overcomes you. The hopes and dreams you once had are starting to flourish again.

Thriveworks Willow Grove believes you can make those dreams a reality. Whatever your goal is, Thriveworks Willow Grove Life Coaches can help!

Everyone can stand at the base of a mountain and stare at the top, dreaming of the views. Together, you and a Thriveworks Willow Grove Life Coach can take the first steps on this journey together. Book Now

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is relatively new to the counseling profession, so there’s still a lot of misconceptions around it. For one, although there are many similarities between life coaching and counseling, they are not the exact same.

Both can help and all Thriveworks Willow Grove counselors are qualified to be life coaches. The hope is that you can walk away with more tools to be healthy in your physical, mental, and emotional life.

Counseling will bring healing and Life Coaching is about unlocking hidden potential.

As a metaphor, an athlete might tear her muscle and go see a physical therapist. She’ll want to rest, heal, and train her muscles back to where they were. In the same way, counseling is a healing practice that stitches together the mind and soul to help people get back on their feet.

But what about the athlete whose body is fully functioning, but she wants to go even farther? Maybe she dreams of winning a race.

Then, she might seek out a coach. Someone who will encourage her and push her to be better. She’ll get even stronger under the supervision of a good coach. Life coaching is like this- it takes your strengths and maximizes them. At Life Coaching Thriveworks Willow Grove, we’ll work on developing skills both new and old!

Practically anything can be brought up in a Thriveworks Willow Grove Life Coaching session. If it’s technically more of a counseling issue – no worries because we can help with that too!

Commonly addressed topics include:

  • Earning and receiving a promotion
  • Adjusting to change
  • Making a major life transition
  • Graduating from college
  • Embarking on a new career path
  • Opening a family business
  • Feeling happy and comfortable at work

There’s no one way to reach your goals. It doesn’t matter if you think your mountain will take years to climb, or if you think you just need a motivational pep talk for the final stretch. Thriveworks Willow Grove is here for you! We will meet you wherever you are and be your partner in this journey.

What Will a Life Coaching Session Look Like?

Unfortunately, people often experience more self-doubt than they do confidence. But self-doubt is the enemy of dreams! One of the central points of a Thriveworks Life Coaching session is to take apart these doubts bit by bit and build up your confidence.

At its core, life coaching is about self-reflection and setting attainable goals. The Life Coaches at Thriveworks Willow Grove believe that nothing needs to stop you from reaching your dreams.

Although every Thriveworks Willow Grove session will be unique, there are some things you can expect to take away from them.

  • Unconditional support and guidance
  • A thorough idea of your goals
  • Techniques and strategies that will help you reach those goals
  • Greater accountability
  • Encouragement!
  • Building Confidence
  • Setting a plan to achieve your goals

There is more to life than just surviving, here at Willow Grove Life Coaching we are excited to help you Thrive! If you are ready to schedule a session with one of our Counselors, Call Today at (267) 685-3197 or Book Online

Thriveworks Willow Grove offers both daytime and evening hours. There is no waiting list and we accept most major insurance plans and offer affordable rates. We are located in Montgomery County, so if you are looking for Life Coaching in Willow Grove, Life Coaching in Abington, Life Coaching in Jenkintown, Life Coaching in Hatboro or Life Coaching in Huntingdon Valley, our office will be convenient for you! Call for an appointment today!

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