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Think back on a stressful time in your life: How did you manage? Or, did you manage? We all manage stress differently, but some of us struggle to manage it at all. For example, imagine that you’ve just spent three hours on the phone waiting to speak to a representative at any given establishment. Suddenly, the line goes dead—you’ve lost your spot in line. One person might laugh and say sarcastically, “Well, that’s great!” Then, they’ll try to call back or send an email instead. Another person might throw their phone on the ground and scream. The rest of the night they spend complaining about it.

The first person uses humor to cope with stress and this works well for them. This, however, might not work well for someone else such as the second individual here. That said, this second individual has to find another way to better manage or cope in stressful situations. But doing so is hard, right? That’s where a psychologist comes in. Psychologists are mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients work through mental health challenges and other life issues—from stress to anger, grief, mental illness, relationship struggles, and so on.

“What stress really does, though, I deplete willpower, which diminishes your ability to control those emotions.” –Roy F. Baumeister

Thriveworks Philadelphia has practicing psychologists on our team. These professionals have the knowledge and the expertise to help you in many different scenarios, specifically those that are causing you distress or harming your mental health. To get started with one of our psychologists, simply call our office. A scheduling specialist will assist you and help you book a session at your earliest convenience.

Should I Work with a Psychologist? Can They Really Help Me? 

Some of us have reservations when it comes to receiving mental health help or help in general. We would rather figure it out ourselves—the truth, though, is that we need one another. And when we’re experiencing stressful or otherwise difficult situations, it’s more than okay to ask for help and receive another individual’s support.

Now, to address the question at hand, “Should I work with a psychologist?” Our answer is yes. Why? Because we believe that anyone can benefit from working with a mental health professional. Your psychologist will, of course, tailor treatment to meet your unique needs in counseling. These needs might include…

  • Learning to better manage stress
  • Working through a tough loss
  • Resolving relationship issues
  • Improving communication with others
  • Managing anger issues
  • Understanding and managing symptoms of a mental illness
  • Finding greater happiness, success, fulfillment at work
  • Resolving lonely feelings
  • Building up one’s self-esteem

…and so on. This list doesn’t end because the challenges that we experience vary on an individual basis. That’s why your psychologist will create an individualized treatment plan just for you, as we mentioned earlier.

What Services Can a Psychologist Provide?

There are many different services that the psychologists at Thriveworks Philadelphia can provide. Again, this goes back to the different challenges an individual might encounter. A few of the services offered at Thriveworks Philadelphia include:

  1. Depression therapy
  2. Couples therapy
  3. Stress management
  4. Anger management
  5. Divorce recovery
  6. Trauma therapy
  7. Child therapy
  8. Addiction counseling
  9. Grief counseling
  10. Marriage counseling

Just as before, this list does not end here. The psychologists, counselors, and therapists provide many different services, of which depend on the client’s needs. If you think you could benefit from mental health services of any kind, reach out. We want to help.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Philadelphia

Thriveworks Philadelphia can get you in for an appointment as soon as today or tomorrow. Our flexible scheduling options allow this—in addition to daytime appointments during the normal work week, we also offer evening and weekend appointments. On top of that, we offer online counseling opportunities as well.

If you are interested in the benefits you could experience at Thriveworks Philadelphia, give us a call. We can set you up with a skilled, caring psychologists who will help you to make meaningful strides in your life. These professionals can provide you with life-changing help, support, guidance, insight—you name it.

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