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Relationship Difficulties – When To Seek Help?
If you have reached a point in your relationship at which a conflict is starting to seriously affect your happiness and health, communication between you and your partner has become negative and you have repeatedly failed to resolve your ongoing differences, it might be beneficial to seek professional help in the form of couples or marriage counseling.

Every couple is different. No guidebook or specialist will be able to tell when exactly is the right time for you and your other half to work through your problems under professional guidance. Some couples choose to attend counseling because of a serious development in their relationship – like betrayal, financial disputes or irreconcilability of principal life goals and values (e.g. a wish to have offspring). It might also be that something less dramatic has started to undermine your relationship, for example indifference and boredom or persistent trivial arguments. Regardless of the point of contention, many couples will find that overcoming their problems is easier under the guidance of a counselor who has no connection and no preconceived ideas about their relationship.

Relationship Counseling – What To Expect?
Many people will instinctively prefer to deal with their relationship problems at home and therefore postpone the decision to access marriage or couples therapy. There is no doubt that going to a counseling session with one’s partner can be quite a daunting experience. Some people will be anxious about discussing their inner-most feelings and uncertainties in front of a person they are conflicted with – what if they disagree or humiliate us? Some might worry about saying the truth – what if it hurts the other person and makes things worse? Experienced counselors do notice, however, that once these initial concerns are gone, couples counseling offers much greater benefits than individual therapy for those who wish to work on their relationship.

Broadly speaking, couples and marriage counseling is just another form of psychotherapy, specifically designed for both parties to attend. A counselor plays a role of an objective intermediary – he or she is not supposed to take sides or suggest ready solutions. A counselor is there to facilitate communication, help the couple understand the origins of their conflict and work towards a resolution. Duration of such therapy varies, but many spouses and partners find that after 2 or 3 months a significant improvement has been achieved.

Couples And Marriage Counseling At Thriveworks Westminster
At Thriveworks Westminster our counselors have been approached by couples at various stages of their relationships and facing a wide variety of circumstances and problems. No two cases are the same – we know that everyone is different and our therapists certainly do not follow a guidebook. We tailor our sessions to ensure that you and your partner’s individual needs and expectations are met in the best way possible.

Finding a solution to your relationship problems is possible – Thriveworks Westminster is here to help. So why not call us today to arrange your first marriage or couples counseling session.

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