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Millions of Americans suffer from depression and anxiety. Experts estimate that anxiety disorders alone affect 40 million adults across the country. Both depression and anxiety have become so common that their economic impact in America is estimated at $42 billion per year. These widespread mental health disorders often share related causes. Death of a loved one or an experience of abuse in one’s past are both very common causes of depression and anxiety. Stress in all its forms is linked particularly to anxiety disorders.

These root causes may lead to changes in the balance of certain chemicals in the brain. This imbalance is a fundamental driver of the feelings and experiences associated with conditions such as anxiety and depression. It is, however, important to note that the imbalance itself is often not the root cause.

Signs And Symptoms

Some of the common signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety are emotions that many people experience on a daily basis. However, in a depressed or anxious individual, the emotions are accentuated to very high intensities and experienced over much longer periods. It is quite common to feel that the emotions are completely random and have no direct link to everyday events. Some of the physical symptoms include restlessness, lack of sleep, lethargy and heart palpitations.


Treating depression and anxiety disorders to put them into remission can often be a complex procedure. For many sufferers the first changes to be made include lifestyle interventions such as nutritional and exercise modifications. But whilst these may be effective at reducing the symptoms, they often do not treat the root cause. In that respect medical interventions such as antidepressant therapies are very similar – they will often completely suppress the symptoms the patient experiences.

The third arm of treatment plans are talking-based therapy sessions such as the counseling services that

Thriveworks Virginia Beach provides. Our experienced counselors will guide a patient through a process to identify the root cause of his or her disorder. Then, the patient and the counselor can work together towards finding a lasting respite for the condition. If you think you might be suffering from anxiety or depression, why not get in touch with Thriveworks VA Beach to arrange your first session.

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