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Imagine the following scenario: It’s been months since you and your spouse have had a date night. You just haven’t had a chance to get out of the house or time away from the kids. Fortunately, your sister volunteers to watch them for a night so you two can spend some quality time together. You’re both elated—you throw popcorn into each other’s mouths at the theater and cringe together at the corny comedy on the screen. But then your date is cut short. You receive a call mid-movie that your boss needs you at the office stat; it’s an emergency. Your husband has always gotten on you for not managing your work-life balance properly. And as you guessed, he’s extremely upset when you say you have to go.

We encounter these ups and downs; we struggle to balance and keep everything in order. One second, everything is right in the world, and the next, it’s not. The good news is that we can learn to better deal with stress, frustration, relationship issues, work demands, and more, with the help of a psychologist. It might not be easy, but it is worth it. The value that a psychologist can provide just might change your life.

Thriveworks Virginia Beach, VA has psychologists on our team who would be more than happy to work with you. They can help you better manage stress, process emotions, work through relationship problems, handle work demands, and overcome other life challenges. To get started today, just call (757) 317-4315 to book your session.

What Mental Health Services Are Offered at Thriveworks Virginia Beach?

As you’ve probably gathered, psychologists have a unique set of skills—and paired with their training as well as their experience, they are able to specialize in many areas, which then enable them to help many different people. Here are a few of the mental health services offered at Thriveworks Virginia Beach, of which are meant to help people address a range of problems:

  1. Anxiety therapy: If you are presenting symptoms of anxiety (e.g., out-of-control worry, a feeling of impending doom, racing thoughts), anxiety therapy is a great service for you, one that your psychologist will utilize to assist you. They can help you to analyze your thoughts and feelings, manage your anxiety symptoms, understand where this anxiety is coming from, and more.
  2. Couples therapy or marriage counseling: If your relationship is in a difficult spot, couples therapy or marriage counseling can help you. Your psychologist can lead you in counseling to get to the root of your problems, come to a solution, and ultimately improve the relationship as a whole.
  3. Stress management: If you’re struggling with a tremendous amount of stress or you struggle to manage any degree of stress, you could benefit from stress management counseling. Your psychologist can equip you with stress reduction and stress management techniques that will help you find your calm during stress-inducing situations.
  4. Grief therapy: Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we will ever have. When we lose a friend or family member, we need all of the support we can get. If one of your loved ones has passed, grief therapy can help you work through the grief process. It’s normal to feel sad, angry, confused, even remorseful. Your psychologist will help you work through all of these emotions.

There are additional mental health services offered at Thriveworks Virginia Beach. For example, our psychologists can also provide child therapy, family therapy, addiction therapy, depression therapy, anger management, and more. In summary, if you’re struggling in any which way, we can set you up with a psychologist who has the right skills and experience to assist you.

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If you’re in search of mental health help in the Virginia Beach area, consider working with one of our psychologists. These professionals are dedicated to helping their clients overcome their unique challenges, heal, and live better. Here at Thriveworks, we provide every single individual with individualized care, and we feel confident that you will benefit from partnering up with one of our psychologists.

To book your session, call (757) 317-4315. Our scheduling team is here to assist you through the quick, simple scheduling process. Know that we have flexible scheduling options available as well as online counseling!

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