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It seems that the time flies by when you have children. One day they say their first word, the next day they are up on two feet taking wobbly steps and then they are making their first friend at the preschool playground. Then, it seems like life is in fast-forward: the first day of kindergarten, the chorus concert at middle school, the high school prom and then the cap and gown at graduation. It is amazing how the years whiz past when a child is skipping from one developmental stage to the next.

When your child is experiencing a difficulty that interrupts their daily routine and causes them—and you—stress, time seems to stop still. Watching your child wrestle with issues that are causing them strife and interfering with their happiness can be distressing to the parents and family. Some children are not able to verbalize what they feel, while others do not feel comfortable talking about their problems. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is productive at school, enjoying friendships and experiencing the many fun activities that are available to them.

If your child has an issue that is keeping them from a happy and healthy life, it is a good idea to contact a therapist. The experienced therapists, counselors, and psychologists at Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA Child and Adolescent Therapy/Counseling will work with your child for depression, stress, grief and loss, addiction, acting out at home and school and many more issues.The therapists and counselors at Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA are professionally licensed and have years of experience in the field.

Reasons to Seek Child and Adolescent Therapy/Counseling

There are a variety of issues that bring children and their families to therapy, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • School Adjustment
  • Family Conflict
  • Parental Conflict
  • Parenting
  • Temper Tantrums
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Stress
  • Grief and Loss
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Bullying and Being Bullied
  • Addiction
  • Acting Out at Home and School
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Scenario of a Child who Bullies

Maybe your child teases or puts down other children. Perhaps, you have received a dreaded call from school about your child’s behavior. Your child may seem to spend more time in the principal’s office for threatening other classmates than in class. You are at your wit’s end worrying about your child—and also about the other children that have been the victims of the bullying.

When children bully others, they may feel the need to gain control. It is quite possible they are getting picked on, too. Kids who bully often have difficulty managing their own emotions and getting along with others. It is important to speak with the child and tell them that, as a parent, you do not think bullying is funny, cool or acceptable—and it is not okay to hurt others or make them feel bad. In addition, it is a good practice to calmly talk through bullying incidents, asking what the child did, if it was a bad choice, who the actions hurt, what they were trying to achieve and how they can achieve their goal without hurting other people.

If your child is bullying others, give them opportunities to see people being kind toward each other. When you spend time together, it can be helpful to point out when others act in a caring way. Make sure to show kindness to others, so your child can model the same behavior. It may help to volunteer together, so your child understands how it feels to help others.

Child/Adolescent Therapy Techniques

The professional therapists and counselors at Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA are experts in dealing with the many issues that affect children and adolescents, from bullying and being bullied to traumatic events and family conflicts and everything in between. Child and adolescent therapy works to help with symptoms of anxiety, build upon healthy social and emotional skills and make the family and friend ties stronger.

Thriveworks creates a safe setting for children and adolescents to be able to share their feelings and work toward resolving their issues. The therapists and counselors work with the child or adolescent to examine the areas that are causing them strife, communicate their feelings and build the strategies that will help them succeed at home, in school and in their community.

The counselors and therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as play, activities, art and more to work with the child or adolescent in therapy/counseling. It is important that the appropriate therapy is used for the different stages of development. Young children may not be able to verbalize their issues, but they feel comfortable with using toys or drawing. Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA uses some of the following methods for child and adolescent therapy:

  • Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced- based treatment for children and adolescents who have been greatly impacted by trauma.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used in the treatment of issues, such as anxiety and depression.
  • Play Therapy is ideal for children who are not yet able to communicate their feelings and emotions. They learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills and learn a variety of ways of relating to others.

When Your Child or Adolescent is Experiencing Difficulties, Select Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA

The therapists, counselors, and psychologists at Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA have professional licenses and credentials and are well-versed in the many issues that children and adolescents experience, including divorce, major illness and psychological disorders. The therapists and counselors provide a trusting and secure environment for the child and parent, making it conducive to working together toward a healthy and happy life.

Therapists and counselors at Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA have an understanding of the physical, mental and behavioral development of children and adolescents and are experts in the specific issues they face. Call Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 317-4315 for child and adolescent therapy and counseling, where you won’t be placed on a waiting list. Appointments are available in 24 hours for most new clients.

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