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Adultery affects families and couples all over America and counseling for infidelity has become a major source of help and healing for many folk trying to patch their lives and relationships back together.

Why Do People Commit Adultery?

It’s important to realize that as a general rule, women and men commit adultery for different reasons. The primary reason for men:

  • Sex. It’s mostly sexual for men rather than emotional. They might find that they’re being neglected sexually in their partnership or somehow perceive that their partner no longer desires them or is interested in them. Some men will cheat because they can. They don’t expect to get caught and they don’t think that they’re doing any damage at all by cheating. For a man it generally comes down simply to sex or sexual curiosity or their ego.

For a woman, it’s different. A woman who is being unfaithful to her partner or who is seeking counseling for adultery on her part will tend to be unfaithful because of:

  • Feelings of neglect and loneliness in her relationship. It’s not so much about just sex for a woman. It’s more about being able to reconnect with someone again, wanting to feel desired by someone again. It’s about being dissatisfied with the way that her relationship or marriage is going.

Effects of Adultery

The main effect of one partner being unfaithful to another is betrayal. Adultery makes the betrayed party feel worthless, unattractive, useless, embarrassed and ashamed. People have committed suicide over being betrayed. People have murdered over being betrayed. Counseling for infidelity is one of the tools that both the betrayed and the betrayer can use to try to get through this pain the best that they can.

Infidelity Counseling

Counseling for infidelity and adultery can help in the following ways:

  • Assessing the damage. Adultery can cause trauma. There is a real chance that the betrayed party is suffering from PTSD. This needs to be dealt with professionally.
  • Learning how to apologize properly and how to accept the apology. Both parties need to learn forgiveness—both of themselves and of the other. A counselor can help with this.
  • Helping to assess what each partner wants from the other—sexually and emotionally.

Counseling for adultery covers the above themes and many more in order to try to get a relationship back on track again. For those looking for this kind of support in their relationships, they should feel free to look at our services and contact us.

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