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Counseling can help you work through personal challenges that are bringing you down. Counseling can help you find greater happiness, success, and fulfillment at work. Counseling can help you make meaningful changes in your most important relationships. Counseling can help you conquer any obstacles standing in your way, and it can help you achieve your happiest, healthiest, most successful life.

Many politicians, celebrities, businessmen and women, and community

leaders now are open about their struggles with mental illnesses, something

almost unheard of when I began. Together, we are spreading the word that

mental health affects all of us and deserves our support and attention.”

–Rosalynn Carter

If you understand just how valuable counseling can be, consider working with a counselor at Thriveworks Virginia Beach, VA. Thriveworks Virginia Beach can offer you convenient counseling options including online therapy. Online counseling allows you to work with your therapist from the comfort of home. Does it get any better than that? If you’re ready to explore online counseling benefits, call Thriveworks Virginia Beach at (757) 317-4315.

7 Reasons to Give Online Counseling a Try

Online therapy counseling proves to be an effective option for many people looking for mental health services. If you’re looking for a qualified counselor nearby, you can find the right skills and expertise in an online counselor at Thriveworks Virginia Beach. Here are 7 reasons why you should give online counseling a try:

  1. It offers utmost convenience: As you probably could have guessed, online counseling is the most convenient option for many, maybe even most people. It allows you to attend your counseling appointments conveniently form wherever you happen to be or wherever you prefer.
  2. It’s a comfortable option, too! If you want to, you can attend counseling from the comfort of your home, your car, or the cozy coffee shop down the street. Your counselor wants you to be as comfortable as possible.
  3. It’s proven effective: Online counseling is effective, too. Research shows that working with an online counselor is effective. You are not sacrificing any progress you would make in in-person counseling. (On that note: If you find that online counseling isn’t right for you, that’s okay too!)
  4. It’s an affordable option: Don’t worry, online counseling isn’t more expensive than your traditional therapy options. In fact, you’ll probably be glad to know that online counseling is now covered by most major insurance plans. Additionally, Thriveworks Virginia Beach has affordable options for you.
  5. It might be easier for you to open up: Because you aren’t sitting face-to-face with your counselor, you might feel more comfortable opening up! Remember, you’re capable of making the same progress in online counseling as you are in in-person counseling. If you prove to feel more comfortable opening up over the phone or via videoconference, you might even find more progress than you expected.
  6. It comes with greater flexibility: It’s likely that you will find greater flexibility in scheduling your online counseling appointment than you would scheduling an in-person counseling appointment, too. Due to its convenience, your therapist will likely have greater availability.
  7. It’s reliable: Finally, online counseling offers reliability, which is priceless. You don’t have to worry about having to reschedule or cancel your appointment (at least not on a regular basis) because you don’t have to worry about the many external factors that get in the way of in-person counseling sessions like traffic!

 These are all great reasons to consider working with an online therapist versus an in-person therapist. If you want to explore the benefits of online counseling with one of our providers, reach out to Thriveworks Virginia Beach today.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Virginia Beach

Our counselors are skilled, caring providers and they are able to help you through the internet! Instead of coming to us for your session, just hop onto a video chat or a phone call. This is the more convenient approach to therapy, and it could prove valuable in your life.

If you want to secure your online counseling appointment, book it now. You can reach Thriveworks Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 317-4315. We’re ready to get to work when you are!

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Don Costigan – Highly recommend!

Don is an incredible human being who is right where he needs to be helping people regain balance in their live...Read more

s. I lost mine. My husband lost his. We lost our marital balance. Don helped us face hard truths and taught us how to acknowledge our negative communications and replace it with the knowledge of how to break the cycle. We learned how to healthfully detach, accept & grow. We are forever thankful to Don for his guidance.

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Thriveworks Counseling Virginia Beach

Thriveworks review

Great session,fair priced and mr. Costigan is very friendly and knowledgable. Great help
Thriveworks Counseling Virginia Beach

Review for Mandy Donnelly

This is a review for Mandy Donnelly at the Virginia Beach location. I worked with Mandy for more than one year...Read more

in community mental health and she is the real deal. Mandy was able to build strong relationships with her clients and had a great impact with with children, adolescents, and adults. Mandy is also highly ethical and respectful. I would strongly recommend Mandy and would take my own children to her.

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