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Get to work on time. Pack the lunches. Make more money. Visit your grandmother. Eat your vegetables. Exercise. The list of responsibilities in any given day is almost too numerous to list. All of these responsibilities can add up to a great deal of stress. We all expect stress in our lives, but many of us do not all know how to deal with it in healthy ways. In order to deal with our stress, we may overeat, drink too much, or spend too much money. At Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD our counselors and psychologists can help you develop healthy ways to deal with your stress. We can never promise to eliminate stress, but we can make it more manageable.

At Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD we can help you identify the many sources of your stress. Some stress can be eliminated, such as harmful relationships or an ever frustrating work situation. Other stress sources will always be with us. But we can develop healthy ways to manage our stress, such as meditation, exercising, and talking about our issues. A Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD counselor can help you create a plan for successfully dealing with your stress levels. We are experts in our field, with experience helping people just like you. It would be our honor to help you create a more peaceful life.

We never operate with a waiting list. We have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours. We want to be ready when we are needed. The last thing we want to do is add more stress to your life. We will be your partner in creating the life you have always wanted.

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Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

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Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

Great counseling

Alma is the best!!
Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

Stacey Scott is awesome!

Ive been seeing Stacey Scott for a few months now and she is an excellent therapist. Shes very organized, friendly, and easy to talk to. Ive been having issues with Anxiety and Depression lately, Stacey his been most helpful. Working with her has improved my mood a lot! 10/10 Would recommend
Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

Stacey Scott has exceptional ability to listen.

Stacey Scott is an exceptional listener. She uses her ability to listen to help you work through your situation and come up with strategies to help you overcome them. She hears what you are telling her. She is intentional with her responses. Stacey's professionalism and committment to her clients is enduring. Stacy is committed to ensuring her clients progress. It was one of the best experiences. I would recommend her with high regards.
Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

Group therapy

A'Lisa made the whole required process of alcohol treatment not seem so bad. I should not have had to do it. But her approach to teaching the group made me actually look forward to coming. Her lessons could be applied as whole life lessons, not just in reference to recovery. I was actually so satisfied with her that I began individual sessions with her after program completion. Thanks so much for this experience.
Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

Addiction & Mental Health

Judy Upshaw has the years of counseling experience to help those individuals who are burdened with poor mental health and addictive coping styles. Her years of treating individuals from various backgrounds and cultures on our campus counseling center make her an excellent choice. You will find her committed to helping you overcome your personal problems.
Thriveworks Counseling Silver Spring

Knowledgable and Well Trained

A'Lisa Andrade is a most intelligent and knowledgeable counselor. Her insight, compassion, and counseling skills make her a top choice for individuals seeking mental health assistance. Her background, education, and experience make her a great choice.
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