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Everyone has anxiety. In fact, it’s a survival mechanism that we all need. It works to help us protect ourselves and to prevent suffering. The problem arises when a person is constantly fearful or worried. It’s common for folks dealing with this to wonder what causes anxiety in the first place.

Anxiety can be caused by both biological and environmental factors

Anxiety can be the result of having survived a trauma. If you haven’t appropriately resolved the experience then you can get stuck in that fear. Specific experiences, which are not necessarily related to the trauma, can cause your brain to go into a fear response. Many people have heard of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which is one of the most common causes for this fear-stuck experience.

The other main cause of anxiety is biological. Anxiety can actually be learned from a parent. In fact, a recent study showed that children with anxiety are often the product of parents with anxiety. Of course, there is an important question here: how much of anxiety is inheriting the genetics from the parents and how much of it is learned behavior from watching their parents deal with anxiety?

No matter the cause of anxiety, there is help out there

In the end, it doesn’t always matter why anxiety came to be for you. Regardless of the level of biological or environmental cause, Silver Spring, MD anxiety counseling can help. If you feel hopeless, you should know that you’re not alone but you should also know that it isn’t true: many people have learned how to control and diminish their anxiety. Your brain is simply seeing things as threats that aren’t threats. You can learn to see things differently.

There’s help out there for you

When you choose Silver Spring, MD anxiety therapy you’re choosing not to live in fear anymore. You’re choosing to not be embarrassed by your anxiety. Thriveworks Silver Spring Counseling & Coaching is here to help you with compassionate care. We can help create a personalized treatment plan that will help you move past your fear and into a life you feel comfortable with.

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