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Are you currently on a search for Montgomery therapy or counseling? Are you looking for a team of skilled mental health professionals who have the right skills and experience to assist you on your mental health journey? You’re in the right place! Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD offers online therapy, as well as many other services, which are provided by skilled, caring professionals.

Mental health is not a destination, but a process.

It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

–Noam Shpancer

Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD has an important goal to help the people of Montgomery County live happier, more successful lives. As we just mentioned, we offer a wide variety of mental health services, including online therapy, couples therapy, marriage counseling, depression therapy, stress management, life coaching, and more! If you think you could benefit from working with one of our therapists, reach out to Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD at (202) 478-9619. To find out more about the convenient alternative to in-person therapy—online counseling—keep reading.

Montgomery Therapy: What Is Online Therapy Counseling?

Online therapy—also known as internet counseling, e-counseling, and teletherapy—allows people to work with a therapist, counselor, or another mental health professional over the internet. You can choose to work with your provider over the phone, videoconference, email, or even text message. If you choose one of the former two options, you’ll get to work with your therapist in real-time. If you choose one of the latter two options, you’ll engage in a time-delayed approach to therapy.

This alternative to in-person counseling is not a revolutionary approach. In fact, online counseling has been around since the early 1980s. In 1982, the first online self-help group formed, and ever since, online counseling options have expanded. Today, it is a popular and prevalent mental health service, as you can participate in self-help groups, mental health discussion boards, or even receive individualized care from a licensed therapist or counselor online.

Is Online Therapy Right for Me? What Are Online Counseling Benefits?

Online therapy is a valuable service, one that is enjoyed by many people—especially those who are looking for a therapy option that will fit conveniently into their preexisting schedule. Let’s talk about convenience and other online therapy benefits, of which you can experience yourself at Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD:

  1. Convenience: Online therapy means that you can attend your therapy session from the convenience of your own home. I mean, can it get any more convenient? Additionally, if you need to attend your therapy session from your car, a coffee shop, or anywhere else for that matter, you can. Just make sure that you have Wi-Fi or phone service.
  2. Success: Don’t worry—if you decide to give online therapy a try, you aren’t losing the value or the success that people experience in in-person therapy. Research shows that online therapy is just as effective. Of course, everyone’s different, and depending on your needs and preferences, one or the other might be the better therapy option for you. You won’t know which until you give it a try!
  3. Affordability: Online therapy counseling is also an affordable therapy option. Many major insurance companies now cover online therapy services. Additionally, if you do choose to pay out-of-pocket, Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD has affordable options.
  4. Reliability: Also, online counseling ensures reliability. You don’t have to worry about missing or running late for your appointment due to a sickness, bad weather conditions, backed-up traffic, or any other external factors. This is due to the fact that you can attend your online therapy session from the comfort and convenience of wherever you happen to be.

Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD online therapists want to help you in online therapy. If this sounds like a mental health service you could find value in, reach out to schedule your appointment or hear more.

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If you believe that you can find the help, guidance, and support you’re looking for in online therapy, reach out to Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD in Montgomery County. We’re happy to get you scheduled with a therapist as soon as today or tomorrow. Just call (202) 478-9619. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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