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There’s no question of doubt that emotional abuse can be debilitating and devastating for the victims. In some homes it’s so bad that people feel as though they’re walking on eggshells in slippers made of lead. Victims of this kind of abuse often lose some degree of dignity and autonomy. Emotional abuse is something that can really destruct the life of the abused. Typical examples include:

  • Aggressive passive behaviors
  • Can’t have fun without mind altering substances (drugs, alcohol)
  • Inability to concentrate for long periods
  • Lack genuine self-esteem
  • Susceptible to anxiety attacks and bouts of depression
  • Unable to sleep properly.

Anyone who experiences any or all the above symptoms can’t possibly function in a “normal” capacity.

A Life on Hold

Anyone who can’t think, feel or function normally is not going to do too well in life. They may well have the potential, but if the emotional abuse has gone on for too long and the scars are too deep, then it’s difficult to move forward. Emotional abuse therapy can help, but only for those who recognize their problem for what it is and reach out. Some of the challengers the abused face in everyday life will include:

  • Problems liking themselves (there are many negative spin-offs with this alone)
  • Unable to realize their potential no matter how hard they try
  • Have problems feeling safe and secure
  • A tendency to major in minor things all the time
  • Relationships with others are hard work and uncomfortable

Psychological abuse can touch every area of the victim’s being. It is something that can put their life on hold indefinitely, unless they seek professional medical help.

The Solution to the Problem

There can be no solution to any problem until the victim first identifies and accepts they have an issue. Once they can do that, then there is a real potential for moving forward. Silver Spring, MD emotional therapy guidance counselors have helped many people find peace and get balance back into their lives. Perhaps we can offer the solutions to your problems too. Give us a call without further delay and schedule your first appointment. It might turn out to be the best call you ever made.

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