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Imagine: Life is finally going your way. You received the job promotion you’ve been working so hard for; your long-time boyfriend made a heartfelt proposal; and the two of you are set to move into a beautiful new place at the end of the month. But something’s off. You don’t feel overwhelmed with excitement or happiness—in fact, you feel disconnected, disinterested, and sluggish. All you want to do is stay in bed. You can’t bring yourself to get up for work until the last possible second and the time you spend with your fiancé is time you’d rather spend alone. Something is up, but you don’t know what.

In the example above, you are experiencing symptoms of depression: disconnection, lack of interest and motivation, fatigue, exhaustion. You’d never expect to feel this way when everything is going so well… but unfortunately, depression doesn’t care about that. Sometimes, depression can be directly attributed to a given cause, but in other instances, there is no good reason for its development. Fortunately, a psychologist can help you to explore potential causes, manage your symptoms, and most importantly get back to the person you know and love.

“As for the future, it remains unwritten. Anything can happen, and often we are wrong. The best we can do with the future is prepare and savor the possibilities of what can be done in the present.” –Todd Kashdan

This is just one way a psychologist can help. In addition to assisting people with mental illness, psychologists can help people work through other challenges like stress, conflicts with loved ones, anger problems, trauma, lack of personal fulfillment, and so on. If you’re struggling with a mental health problem or another life issue, a psychologist at Thriveworks Silver Spring is here for you. We have both in-person and online appointments available. Call (202) 478-9619 to book yours.

Should I Work with a Psychologist? How Can They Help?

In the scenario above, in which you are exhibiting depression symptoms, you can benefit from working with a psychologist in multiple ways. First, they can help you explore underlying causes; second, they can help you better manage your symptoms such as exhaustion and fatigue; third, they can assist you in feeling better and returning to your normal self. This is but one scenario in which a psychologist can help and support an individual. Here are additional examples:

  1. Stress management: Stress is and always will be present in our lives. That said, we can learn to better manage stress, to lessen its effect on our wellbeing. Doing so certainly isn’t a piece of cake, which is where a psychologist comes in. Psychologists can equip you with stress management tools, including deep-breathing techniques and meditation. They can also help you to reframe your thinking to lessen your stress reaction.
  2. Support you during grief and loss: The loss of a loved one is like no other. In grief and loss, we move through a range of emotions including sadness, anger, confusion, regret, disappointment. These emotions alone can be hard to manage, and the fluctuation of feelings can prove to be even more challenging. The good news is a psychologist can help you to move through these emotions and the overall grief process.
  3. Assistance during major life changes: Some of the most stressful and emotional events in life have to do with making major life changes: changing jobs, moving, exploring other careers of interest. In any instance, a psychologist can assist you during your major life transition. They can help you manage any stress that accompanies the event and ultimately transition well.

These are just a few of many challenges that the psychologists at Thriveworks Silver Spring can help you work through and overcome. If you’re facing a challenge that did not make it onto this list, don’t worry. Our psychologists work with different clients every day, all of whom have unique challenges and needs. We’re here to offer you a personalized treatment plan based on your experiences.

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If you think you could benefit from talking to a psychologist about a current challenge or struggle of yours, reach out to Thriveworks Silver Spring. We would be happy to set you up with a member of our team. Remember, we have in-person and online appointments available to accommodate varying needs and preferences.

To schedule your appointment, just call our office at (202) 478-9619. Our scheduling specialists will assist you!

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