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Do you feel lonely? Are you socially isolated? Are you tired of the emptiness, dissatisfaction, and sad feelings that come along with feeling lonely and being isolated? Though it can seem hopeless and it’s normal to feel that there’s simply no way to change your situation, the truth is that these tips really can help.

Reach out to another lonely person

You likely know better than anyone that being lonely can lead to more isolation and loneliness. Many people are put off by a person who’s obviously lonely, as though it’s a contagious condition. The cure for you may be as simple as befriending another lonely person. This can not only help them but it can help you too. Consider volunteering for a group that works with seniors or visit with a neighbor or friend who’s lost a spouse or child.

Skip your “social” networks

Social media is helpful and fun in a lot of ways. However, most people do better if they have significant face-to-face relationships in their life – not just relationships via the screen. The next time a friend or family makes a post on social media that you feel is worthy of a response, give them a call instead of leaving a comment. They’ll likely be thrilled to hear from you and it can help you feel less lonely and isolated.

Make time for the people that matter to you

It’s true that everyone is busy these days – or at least that’s the way it seems. Many people are lonely or isolated because they’re focusing so hard on their careers, raising their families, etc. When you’re in this situation it can feel impossible to find time for anyone else. But it’s not. Just think of your social life the same way you’d think of any work project: you simply have to find time for it.

Do none of these tips apply to your life? Or do you need help putting them into practice? Connect with Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD Counseling & Coaching and let us come up with a customized plan for you to let go of your loneliness and find solutions to your social isolation.

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