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Have you ever wondered why some individuals are devastated by trauma, while others grow stronger because of it? One reason for this is the difference is people’s level of resiliency. Oftentimes, those with well-developed resiliency skills can survive and even thrive under less than ideal situations. The teen counseling offered at our Silver Spring office is in place to help your teen through the challenges he or she may be going though and build those resiliency skills for a brighter future.

Even early in life, youth can experience a number of situations that they are not yet emotionally developed enough to handle. The teenage years are especially rife with difficult and new situations and it’s often the first test of their resiliency.

In their teenage years, kids can experience:

  • Bullying or peer violence
  • The death of a family member or friend
  • The pressure to misuse drugs or alcohol
  • Worry and anxiety
  • Chronic stress situations
  • Emotional or physical trauma

The brain of a teenager is constantly undergoing growth and development. Because the brain is still creating the pathways that allow teens and adults to processes difficult information and overcome barriers, it is a critical time to seek guidance from a trained professional. If left untreated without the proper skills to cope, problems may grow bigger, and with that comes added challenges. Silver Spring, MD teen counselors can intervene before issues grow.

Counselors pay special attention to these critical areas to help your teen:

  • Make use of their support network- such as parents, friends and professionals
  • Rebuild relationships that may have been damaged
  • Find which situations, people or places are their stress triggers
  • Put a plan in place for the future

Silver Spring, MD teen counselors are trained to guide your teen forward and to bring out the best in him or her, even in the worst of times. They aim to restore a sense of hope and personal control back into their lives- essential qualities for a strong and successful future. Trauma shouldn’t hold your teen back. Together we can help them thrive.

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