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These complex mental health disorders are so common in America that anti-depressants are regularly quoted as the most prescribed drug in the US. The economic implications of these disorders are equally substantial – their cost to the American economy alone is estimated at $42 billion each year.

According to scientific research, an imbalance of specific chemicals in the brain is the primary driver of the symptoms in people affected by these conditions. Concentrations of these chemicals can be altered by external events – these external stimuli often include traumatic events and periods of extreme stress. Abuse in childhood, death of a loved one or losing one’s job are standard examples. Anxiety disorders are predominantly linked to acute stress experienced in all its multiplicity of forms.

Diagnosing Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety disorders are, first and foremost, mood disorders – that is, disorders related to human feelings and emotions. In many other fields of medicine, blood tests and physical examinations are carried out to identify the disease. This cannot be done when dealing with depression and anxiety disorders. Healthcare practitioners will primarily talk to the patient in order to formulate a diagnosis. It is very common that these individuals show no outward physical signs, despite intense and often unbearable mental problems. Some of the key symptoms a health professional will watch out for include:


  • Constant worry.
  • Restlessness.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Heart palpitations.


  • Intense emotions such as sadness and grief.
  • Unusually persistent emotions.
  • Lethargy.

How Are Depression and Anxiety Treated?

There are a number of diverse treatment options for depression and anxiety; lifestyle interventions including a better diet and more exercise, medical interventions like anti-depressants and, finally, counseling services such as those offered by Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD.

Typically, medical and lifestyle interventions help patients to manage and reduce their symptoms, yet are not designed to tackle the underlying cause of their emotional problems. Talk-based counseling methods, on the other hand, focus on recognizing the root cause of the disorder. They aim to reduce the symptoms by directly addressing the issues surrounding the origins of the patient’s mental health difficulties.

Here at Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD we have a great track record of helping people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. So please, do not hesitate and reach out to us today to arrange your first therapy session with one of our experienced counselors.

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