Christian Counseling in Silver Spring, MD—Work with a Christian Counselor Today

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Christian Counseling in Silver Spring, MD—Work with a Christian Counselor Today

Hanna has always been a devout Christian. When she was a little girl, she went to church every Sunday with her grandparents, volunteered at the local Bible School, went to Christian camps, and attended every Christian community event. As she’s gotten older, though, she’s found herself becoming less involved. She would love to spent more time at church and building her relationship with God, but she just doesn’t have time anymore. Hanna feels guilty and she wonders how she can connect with God again. Additionally, she does her best to manage the stress and overwhelm outside of her faith. She wishes that there was someone who could help her come up with a solution. Fortunately, there is.

Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them. –Elisabeth Elliot

Are you in the same boat as Hanna? The good news is that there are professionals, devoted to helping people of the Christian faith grow closer to God and also work through separate life challenges: Christian counselors. Thriveworks Silver Spring has Christian counselors on staff who would love to meet with you and help you navigate the woes in your life. If you decide to start a relationship with one of these professionals, they will also equip you with essential tools for confronting future challenges and staying connected with God no matter what.

What Is Christian Counseling and How Can It Help Me?

Christian counseling is like traditional in-person counseling, only it incorporates teachings from the bible as well as other spiritual tools. In both cases, though, your counselor’s mission is to provide you with the help, guidance, and/or support necessary to work through the challenges in front of you.

Your Thriveworks Silver Spring Christian Counselor will likely utilize different therapeutic methods to meet your needs and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. The following will come in handy, as they guide you:

  1. Education: It’s important to continue learning and growing in your Christian faith. Here at Thriveworks Silver Spring, we believe that one of the best gifts we can offer is the gift of continued learning and growing. Your Christian counselor will work to teach you more about the Christian faith (if you so desire it), and relate teachings from the bible to your current challenges to offer guidance and strength.
  2. Lessons from the bible: As we just mentioned, your Christian counselor will likely use lessons from the bible to supplement treatment as well. Flip to any page in the bible and there is a lesson that we can learn from and relate to. Your counselor might even ask you to do some homework and find a lesson that you can share with him or her in your next appointment.
  3. Traditional therapy techniques: Lastly, your Christian counselor will also, of course, use traditional therapy techniques to help you confront the challenge that’s standing in your way of living the life you desire. Common approaches to therapy include talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and so on.

Your Christian counselor knows how important personalized mental health treatment is. In other words, they take the time to get to know each and every client before they map out his or her treatment. They’ll want to know why you’ve decided to talk to a Christian counselor or why you thought you might benefit from this relationship. Then, once they’ve covered these bases, they can better plan what your next sessions will look like.

Schedule Christian Counseling at Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD

“But can Christian counseling help ME?” This is a great question! You can probably even answer it yourself by considering a few additional questions:

  • Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God?
  • Are you struggling with your current lifestyle and need help redirecting your path?
  • Would you like to learn more about your Christian faith?
  • Do you think you could benefit from talking to a fellow Christian about your problems?

If you answered yes to even just one question above, Christian counseling could likely benefit you! Ready to schedule your first Christian counseling appointment? Give Thriveworks Silver Spring, MD a call. We’re here for you, and we’ll get you scheduled immediately.

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