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Deciding on a career is something that can be quite exciting but also an intimidating proposition. People who know exactly what they want out of their career are lucky. They are also in a minority. The remainder can and often do go through an emotional wringer as they try to decide on their future. After all, what path a person takes could impact the rest of their lives. This is why so many swing back and forth as they attempt to make their mind up and stick with a certain thing. It’s not only graduates either. There are plenty of people already working who decide they want to change their career path.

Career counseling can take the pain and frustration out of the entire process. A good career guidance counselor can be a calming influence and help guide you toward a vocation that better suits you and your specific needs.

The Benefit of Note Taking

It might seem old fashioned but note taking, as in pen and pad, can really help to get those more latent thoughts out of the head and onto paper. Thinking about careers and jobs is never going to make much sense until it’s down in black and white. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make a note of what you like and what you don’t like (important)
  • What do you excel at and which areas do you fall short on?
  • What sacrifices might you be okay making?
  • What do you “think” you might like to do next?
  • What locations will you work in, and which ones won’t you consider?
  • What is your anticipated starting salary in the chosen career?
  • Anything else you can think of that is relevant

If nothing else you will now at least have a foundation from which you can begin to shape your career options. The next step is to take your list to a vocational counseling specialist. It will save both of you time if you have answered all your questions honestly and comprehensively.

A career counselor can now go over your options with you and identify the steps you need to take in your career development and exploration.

Silver Spring, MD Career Counseling Services

If you feel lost and in need of some sound advice and direction, call Silver Spring, MD career counseling services today. We have designed our career planning programs specifically to help people of all ages, from students to seniors.

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