Talk with a Family Therapist at Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO

Talk with a Family Therapist at Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO

Shelley and her husband Frank have felt like they’ve been at war with their two teenage sons for several years. Though it seemed like their family of four had been close at one time, both parents are exasperated by their two sons’ behavior; one of them has been caught drinking, while the other has started being sent home from their high school on a regular basis due to disciplinary issues. With tensions running high, and both parents at their limits in terms of patience and understanding, something has to give. 

That’s why Shelley and Frank have decided to book a session with a family therapist—someone whom they hope can reconnect them with the sons they feel like they’ve lost touch with. Their hope is that their sons will also feel more inclined to share what’s been troubling them, thanks to the presence of a neutral counselor; a third party who only seeks to help each family member reconcile. 

Like Shelley and Frank, you may also be seeking to talk with a family therapist about your home life troubles. At Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO, our family therapists are trained in evidence-based, practical methodologies that will help you and your family members to find common ground and understanding. Come together as a household with help from a family therapist at Thriveworks. 

Do We Need Family Therapy? 

Our family therapists at Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO work with families to help them improve their ability to compromise and communicate, regardless of their situation. There are common warning signs that may indicate that a family’s dynamics have turned negative, and these are important red flags to watch out for. These indications may take the form of: 

  • Recurring stress from caring for a disabled or elderly member 
  • Untreated or potentially undiagnosed mental illness or disorders that family members are suffering from, like ADHD or depression 
  • Residual anger or resentment between relatives over perceived wrongs or shortcomings
  • Undiagnosed behavioral issues in children
  • Deaths within the family that have occurred without time to process the event 
  • One or more family members struggling with PTSD
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol in response to stress 
  • Communication skills that aren’t fully developed, resulting in constant arguments and bickering

Even if family dynamics don’t escalate into the situations above, family therapy can still be an incredibly helpful and productive tool for improving connections between relatives. Remaining open to talking with a therapist and sharing your family’s troubles will help them to understand more fully your family’s dynamics and current situation.

How Can a Family Therapist Help?

Our family therapy team in Lakewood, CO is committed to helping your family resolve its issues through empathy, shared understanding, and improved communication. Family therapists can help you and your loved ones to: 

  • Strengthen your relationship with your loved ones by utilizing a safe space for each of you to speak candidly about your experience
  • Foster compassion and encourage compromise towards one another 
  • Improve your communication skills and become a better listener  
  • Take advantage of a therapist’s presence—a neutral third party that allows for more balanced dialogue and candid discussion 
  • Create stronger boundaries of respect and encourage compromise, even when it’s difficult
  • Get treatment for previously undiagnosed mental health conditions

Additionally, with teletherapy, you can add even more flexibility to your schedule, making it easier than ever before to find time for the sessions your family needs. As long as everyone has reliable access to the internet and somewhere private to talk, your family can access the tools and resources provided by your therapist anywhere. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Family Therapy at Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO 

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of counseling for you and your family, contact our office by phone, or head online to schedule virtually. Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO is excited to be a part of your family’s mental health journey; our specialists are available seven days a week to help you with every step of the enrollment process. Therapy with Thriveworks also offers the benefits of our membership services which include: 

  • Same and next day appointment times 
  • 23.5hr cancellations: just let us know 23.5 hours before your scheduled time if you can’t make it  
  • Phone and email contact with your provider in-between sessions
  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Our Q/A chat: Ask a Thriveworks life coach the questions that can’t wait until the next session
  • Sessions that start on time: 97% of our clients report that their sessions begin at or before their scheduled time

Navigating the challenges of difficult family dynamics can be difficult, but with help from the providers at Thriveworks in Lakewood, CO, families can find stability again. Reach out to our office; we look forward to connecting with you with one of our family therapists. Let our mental health professionals help bring you and your relatives closer together.

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