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Whether you’re currently in an abusive relationship, you’re just getting out of one, or you’ve been out of it for years, you may not realize how much domestic violence counseling can help. This is not a situation you should be on your own to fix. There is help. Learn how and why counseling can help you.

Start by understanding the cycle of abuse many people deal with

One of the first things you can learn from your counselor is the way the cycle of abuse occurs. This is not true for 100% of abusive relationships but it is true for many. Sometimes, simply knowing that what has occurred to you is well documented and understood can be extremely helpful.

Generally speaking, the cycle of abuse looks like this: your partner argues with you, threatens you, and is otherwise angry; they become abusive through violence, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse; the abuse gets worse over time; there is a honeymoon period in which the person doing the abusing is so sorry and they swear they’ll never do it again.

Does this sound familiar? No matter how sorry your partner may say they are, once the cycle has begun it’s likely to continue until you get help. Remember that there’s nothing you can do for them. They have their own demons to face. Your job is to take care of yourself and get help. That’s what we’re here for.

Why does counseling help?

It’s very common for people to seek counseling yet believe that there’s no way it can help them. They often believe that they can deal with it on their own, or that they’ve been changed in such a way that there’s no way out. This simply isn’t true. A qualified counselor offers a safe space for abuse survivors to talk about all of their emotions from shame to guilt to love for their abusers.
Thriveworks Johnson City Counseling & Coaching is here to help. We don’t treat you like just any other patient. We take the time to get to know you and to understand your unique needs.

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