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How to Overcome Addiction – Counselors and Therapists in Johnson City

Our Johnson City addiction counselors have seen all kinds of addiction, from drug addicts to those struggling with alcoholism. They have seen people addicted to sex, gambling and pornography, and have also helped those addicted to their work, to exercise and to food. Whatever one is addicted to, there are certain common factors involved concerning behavior. Although the range of different addictions is vast, a sign of being addicted can be one of the following:

  • Lying and cheating. An addict is often in denial and will lie to themselves and others about the depth of their addiction
  • Consuming more and more. An addict will use more as his or her tolerance level rises. No matter what the addiction is, if a person keeps needing more and more of it, at the expense of everything else in their life, there’s a chance that they are addicted to it
  • Desperate need. When an addict is not using, he or she is thinking about using or about the next time that he/she will use. He/she is planning their life and their schedule around the substance or the activity, not the other way around.

Results of Addiction

Addiction costs lives. Drug addicts can overdose and alcoholics can drink themselves to death if left unchecked. Outside of the health issues, a life of lying, cheating and self-hatred can break up families, ruin friendships and destroy relationships. And then there’s the money. Addiction can cost everything as people lose their jobs, homes and savings because of their disease.

Schedule Treatment for Addiction with Thriveworks in Johnson City, TN

If you’re an addict, you need help. You have lost control of an aspect of your life and it’s only going to get worse. A Johnson City addiction counseling service really can help you through the following methods:

  • Making sure that you’re not alone through your rehabilitation
  • Providing one-on-one therapy sessions to discover the root cause of your addiction
  • Providing access to group therapy with other addicts to support each other and come through things together.

To find out more about what a qualified addiction counselor can do for you or for your loved ones, please contact us today.

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