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Have you been living with anxiety for years? Do you believe that there’s nothing that can help you? If you’re tired of feeling anxious, if you’re tired of having panic attacks, or if you’re tired of avoiding things that you know can trigger you, then there’s something you should know: Johnson City anxiety therapy could help you.

Understand the type of anxiety you have

Anxiety disorder is an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of disorders. When your counselor can help you understand what term describes what you’re feeling, you may feel relieved to finally have a list of symptoms and to understand that it isn’t all in your head. Some common anxiety disorders include:

  • Panic disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (often referred to as PTSD)
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

While each of these are classified as anxiety disorders, they each have their own symptoms and their own treatments.

Work with a professional who can walk you through your anxiety

There are many ways to treat anxiety. There are medications that can help but remember that they treat the symptoms of anxiety – they don’t actually treat the anxiety. A counselor at Johnson City Anxiety Counseling can help you look back at your life and determine what’s causing your anxiety.

Often it’s a traumatic event that caused the brain to essentially get “stick” in fight or flight mode. When your brain interprets certain situations as risky ones – even when they’re not risky – it will kick into a danger mode that can feel terrifying and cause people with anxiety to act irrationally.

There are many solutions to your anxiety

Just like there are several types of anxiety, there are also numerous solutions. At Thriveworks Johnson City Counseling & Coaching we’ll work directly with you to find the right solution for your unique needs. Some options may include learning how to care for yourself, exercising, reducing anxiety-causing substances like alcohol or caffeine, family counseling, or individual talk therapy.

No matter where you’re at today, Thriveworks Johnson City Counseling & Coaching can help you get to where you want to be tomorrow.

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