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Relationship issues, while highly stressful, are actually not uncommon. This is especially true for couples that have been together for a considerable number of years. Counseling can be helpful for resolving issues, and we highly recommend seeking out a couples therapist in Johnson City sooner rather than later. After all, partners who seek help earlier on with an issue are more likely to overcome it than those who wait until it turns into a bigger problem.

Weathering the Ups and Downs

Even the best relationships will experience ups and downs throughout the years. Despite the fact that you and your partner love, respect and care for one another, you won’t always see eye to eye.

Sometimes you’ll work out issues on your own, but at other times there are bound to be matters that pop up which leave you feeling stuck, unable to work out a resolution. It’s these times that couples therapy can be effective.

Common Relationship Issues

Do you feel like you’re the only ones who are experiencing a certain issue? You may be surprised to know that many couples feel alone when it comes to their issues; at the same time, the problems themselves are often more common than you may realize. Common relationship issues include:

  • Arguing about money
  • Disagreeing about raising children
  • Dealing with stress from other family members
  • Worrying about job losses or career pressures
  • Concerns about infidelity.

While your Johnson City couples counselor may not have dealt with your specific issue before, their knowledge and expertise can help you and your partner to resolve your differences in a positive way.

Overall Great Relationships

It’s often a difficult choice for couples that are considering therapy because their relationship might be strong other than the one issue they’re facing. If that sounds like you and your spouse or partner, it would be a wise choice not to dwell on the problem until it makes everything else feel worse.

Couples therapy can be instrumental in helping you get through that rough patch and back on track while you’re still in love with one another.

A Johnson City Couples Counselor can Help

More than 93% of couples who attend therapy report that it was effective and helped them move forward positively in their relationships. Don’t delay – get in touch and we can offer you sensitive, insightful support for your relationship.

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